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A professor from the University of Idaho has just sued internet personality Ashley Guillard for slander. Guillard, who asserted to have solved a number of homicide cases, has produced multiple videos in which he claims the history department head at the school was responsible for the deadly stabbings of four students last month.

Rebecca Scofield is an assistant professor of history who specializes in gender, sexuality, and the American West, according to her website. She also has expertise in various academic fields, including sociology, politics, and English. Last Monday, Scofield brought a federal lawsuit against Guillard, her former PhD advisor, in the Idaho district court. She said that he had disseminated untrue rumors about her connection to the dead college students and the unsolved quadruple homicide.

Two surviving roommates were found sleeping downstairs in the early morning hours of November 13 according to police officials from the Moscow Police Department. They claim that Ethan Chapin, 20, Xana Kernodle, 20, Kaylee Goncalves, 21, and Madison Mogen, 21, were all killed on the second and third floors of a women’s rental house close to school. Despite the fact that local police shared some details about the incident with other law enforcement organizations, none of their widely publicized leads have resulted in substantial proof.

Numerous stories, speculations, and suppositions regarding the murderer are being shared because of the continued public interest in the unusual homicide case. According to Guillard’s attorney Scofield, many of these allegations surface and spread on social media. That’s because Guillard reportedly used the publicity to undermine both herself and her teacher and to manipulate public opinion.

Internet detective allegedly Ashley Guillard is accused of exploiting the suffering of other community members for personal gain. In fact, she set up the well-known @ashleyisinthebookoflife account to publish videos on TikTok falsely saying Rebecca Scofield, a professor at the university, was having a relationship with one of the victims.

Tuesday, Scofield’s attorney Wendy Olson formally refuted Guillard’s allegations against her client. She merely said they were “false, plain and simple” in a statement to CBS News.

The misconceptions that have been perpetuated about the Professor and her family have caused considerable harm. This includes raising questions about public safety and adding to the hardship already experienced by the relatives of the victims. Making matters worse, it undercuts law enforcement’s efforts to identify the criminals so that the public and the families of victims can receive closure. Professor Scofield need protection and legal action to defend her in order to protect her reputation and safety. She instructed Guillard to stop using certain words and phrases in two letters as a result. Nevertheless, while knowing that the information he was spreading was fraudulent, Guillard kept doing so.
Guillard focuses on “mysteries” in her YouTube videos, one of which was the murder of a Migos musician less than two weeks before the Idaho killings. According to the lawsuit, the professor wrote Guillard two letters claiming that her claims that she was responsible for the students’ murders were untrue. Guillard responded to the remark by posting a number of disparaging movies over the course of the last four weeks on TikTok. Regarding these claims, Guillard claims in a statement made in response to a lawsuit that she kept posting videos about the Idaho murder even after Scofield sent her two cease and desist orders. W>>>

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