Watch video: Passengers must look at everything as a man falls to his death from Augsburger Rathaus.

Watch video: Passengers must look at everything as a man falls to his death from Augsburger Rathaus.

A surprise for the Augsburg Christkindlesmarkt patrons. On Saturday, a man died after leaping to his death from the town hall’s roof in front of onlookers.

On Saturday afternoon in Augsburg, a tragedy occurred just outside the town hall and the nearby Christkindlesmarkt.

In full front of the onlookers, a guy climbed onto the town hall before leaping to his death. Nothing more could be done for him by the police or fire department.

tragic event at the municipal hall in Augsburg
The man started to ascend the Augsburg town hall’s exterior at about 12.15 p.m. Many people walking by noticed this. Because the Christkindlesmarkt was already open, the town hall was very busy.

The police were contacted right away by the witnesses. This came a short while later, a spokeswoman said. Moreover, City Hall received a call from the fire department.

According to the spokesman, specially trained officers were also dispatched to the site because one had to assume a death attempt. In the interim, the town hall’s safety cushion was set up by the fire department that was called in.

However, the Christkindlesmarkt was not evacuated since, in their opinion, there was no danger to bystanders.

Police establish a center for witness counseling
The individual chose to jump from the town hall after reaching the top without first speaking with the authorities. From the ascent to the jump, it took about thirty minutes.

The safety cushion was set up properly and in the appropriate location, the official assured. But the man made up his mind to miss it. When he hit the ground, he expired.

The witnesses to the incident were cared for right away by the police. The spokesman said, “A counseling center was set up for onlookers.

Internal crisis managers are in charge of looking after law enforcement, the fire department, and rescue personnel.

It’s still not apparent why the individual picked this well-known murder at first. The deceased man’s identify was not immediately known.


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