Watch Full Video: Yuiyui cos leaked Video and Photo of the account on Reddit and Twitter.

Watch Full Video: Yuiyui cos leaked Video and Photo of the account on Reddit and Twitter.

One of the most well-known OnlyFans models worldwide is Siew Pui Yi, a Malaysian influencer better known as MSPUIYI. Her page is followed by millions of people, and she claims to make “seven figures a month” through memberships.

MSPUIYi, however, is leaving the website to follow his lifelong dream of becoming a DJ. I’ve always been interested in music and stage performing, so it’s time to achieve my objective, MSPUIYI said in an exclusive interview with Entrepreneur. She continued, “The other reason is that I want to be close to the fans, but I can’t actually meet them.

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The surprise was revealed by MSPUIYI in a beautifully produced YouTube video. She says in Mandarin, “I now have the guts to be myself,” that she doesn’t regret her choice.

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MSPUIYI, a well-known Instagram user with 20.2 million followers, has no plans to create an account on OnlyFans. However, when burglars took nude pictures of her from a laptop she brought to a repair shop, they sought to extort RM50,000 (about $11,000) from her and threatened to post the pictures online if she didn’t.

Instead of haggling over the ringgit, MSPUIYI made the decision to use his own OnlyFans account to sell the naked pictures. She replied, “I don’t want it to get into the wrong hands [that control the photo].

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