Watch full video: Women’s College Basketball TCU Video – Court 8 Players Trending video – basketball fight TCU

College Basketball TCU Video – Court 8 Players Trending video – basketball fight TCU

The frightening scene in which a large brawl breaks out during a women’s collegiate basketball game after one player unintentionally pulls the hair of another. Eight players were dismissed from the game between TCU and George Washington University on Monday night after a fight broke out during the contest.

The abrupt brawl, which started in the second quarter of the game, was the result of a play in which Bella Cravens, a 22-year-old senior from TCU, appeared to get tangled in Essence Brown’s hair while playing for Washington.

Brown, who had extended her arms to block any passing lanes, becomes entangled in her larger opponent’s also long hair as Cravens reaches up to grab a rebound, at which moment all hell breaks loose.

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Several punches were thrown in the ensuing hysteria, and numerous more players were involved in the chaos. The unscheduled scrimmage was shortly called off by officials, and Cravens’ Horned Frogs came out on top 70-56.

Repercussions for the eight players involved, aside from the ejections, have not yet been announced. Given that the midseason matchup was broadcast, the fight has since gained popularity.

expelled participants
Seniors Cravens and Brown, along with Lucy Ibeh and Roxane Makolo from TCU, Nya Robertson, Nya Lok, Jayla Thornton, and Caia Loving from George Washington, were among the eight players dismissed after the altercation.

Brown and Cravens got into each other’s faces after Craven appeared to become enraged by the hair-pull, which was judged to be a foul, and players from both schools, which are located in Texas and Washington, DC, respectively, attempted to separate them.

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