Watch full video: Wisconsin Lutheran junior Knueppel born to ball

Watch full video: Wisconsin Lutheran junior Knueppel born to ball

On a Wisconsin Lutheran basketball team that is otherwise very deep and skilled, Kon Knueppel, who is 6-6 and in his third year as a varsity player, is the star attraction.

High-level college recruiters notice the same qualities in the junior as Vikings coach Ryan Walz.

Walz described him as “well rounded, really skilled, competitive, and a very intelligent player. But the best thing about him is how much he loves his teammates.

Include the fact that his family is a basketball fanatic. His father, a few of his uncles, and even his uncle Jeff Nordgaard, who played for the Bucks in the NBA, were all lauded collegiate athletes.

Mom and the family’s female members are the next group. Kon now has strength and size, but more importantly, they’ve given him the desire to succeed.

Knueppel claimed, “It was kind of implanted in me by my parents. They wanted me to play, but as I grew older, I realized that if you’re going to play, you may as well be good at it, so I worked really hard to improve.

Walz described him as “quite confident with the ability to work on his game, rep it, and continually working.” Although most people can’t see it, that is what actually inspires confidence.

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Every day after practice, I go shooting with my cousin, Knueppel stated. “I’ve been doing it for the entire three years I’ve been on the varsity team, and even before that, I used to shoot with my mother. For me, my mother would recover, which was fantastic.”

An article that ran on FOX6 over ten years ago provides additional proof that this is not an overnight success. The sentiment is still valid today.

Tim Van Vooren from FOX6 commented, “That was a fun story to do.

Yes, Knueppel said, “That’s quite cool to see that again. “My mother is more intense than I am. I’m more of a laid-back guy like my dad, but it has to sneak in somewhere.”

Knueppel has a promising potential as a player, both now and in the future.

The top-ranked team in the state is the Wisconsin Lutheran Vikings.

Although Kon and his colleagues have individual objectives, they are currently more concerned with team success and winning the state championship than anything else.

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