Watch full Video : Who was Rebecca Ikumelo? More about the woman who died at Asake’s concert

Watch full Video : Who was Rebecca Ikumelo? More about the woman who died at Asake’s concert

A woman lost her life at an Asake concert at London’s Brixton O2 Academy after being hurt in a crush that also injured a number of other concertgoers. Let’s look into the woman who passed away at the Asake concert in more depth.

How was the Asake concert?
The Asake concert was called off midway through on Thursday as a result of “a huge number of people” trying to ram their way inside, according to the Met Police.

According to the police, a throng at an Asake event in London caused a woman to pass away.

On Thursday, three people—including 33-year-old Rebecca Ikumelo—were seriously injured when concertgoers trying to get into the O2 Academy Brixton without tickets caused serious injuries to three others.

According to London police, Ms. Ikumelo of Newham, east London, passed away on Saturday, while two other women, aged 21 and 23, are still in critical condition.

Police Report
When he arrived on the scene on Friday, Chief Superintendent Colin Wingrove of Lambeth and Southwark Police said the following:

I want to express my sympathy to everyone who has been impacted.

“Our sympathies are with them after seeing some of the heartbreaking photographs on social media.”

While supporting the family of Ms. Ikumelo, the police said they are still conducting a “urgent” investigation.

Autopsies will be carried out on Sunday.

Mr. Wingrove stated, “Help the investigation.”

“We would like to thank the community and our partners for their cooperation thus far in the inquiry,” they said. “We are working really closely with them.”

“We also want to thank everyone who has come forward with information,”

“We have created an online area where people may submit pictures and videos.”

At the time of the incident, there were about 4,000 potential witnesses; we are requesting that anyone with knowledge come forward.

“As we work to ascertain what happened as swiftly as possible, we need your information.”

Police were called to the venue at around 9.35 p.m. on Thursday due to reports that many individuals were allegedly attempting to force entry during a performance by Nigerian Afrobeats singer-songwriter Asake. (PA)

MP’s Declaration
While Florence Eshalomi, the Labor MP for Vauxhall, expressed her want to know what caused the crush, Asake stated that he is “pray[ing]” for those who were hurt on Thursday night.

The morning following the performance at the O2 Academy Brixton.

(Image courtesy of Vuk Valcic/Zuma Press/PA Images).

In a previous statement, Scotland Yard said that investigators were looking at video from both body-worn cameras and social media in connection with the incident and that a lady had been detained for allegedly assaulting an officer.

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