Watch full video: Who is Samaya Anderson? Teenage girl shot and killed in South Jackson

Watch full video: Who is Samaya Anderson? Teenage girl shot and killed in South Jackson

An crossroad in South Jackson saw the shooting death of a 15-year-old girl. Learn more about Samaya Anderson, who she is, and the circumstances surrounding her shooting and subsequent death.

Samaya Anderson: who is she?
A teenage girl was shot and killed on Wednesday night in South Jackson near Meadow Lane and McCluer Road. Jackson police responded to calls just before six o’clock in the evening and found a body near the intersection.

According to Hinds County Coroner Sharon Grisham-Stewart, the victim was eventually determined to be Samaya Anderson, 15 years old. Almost a dozen gunshots were heard, according to witnesses.

What has become of her?
An unnamed witness claimed she heard gunshots and looked out her window to see a man running on foot westbound on McCluer after hearing the rounds.

He allegedly appeared to be shooting at random while fleeing, according to her. A crowd began to assemble around the wounded woman. The shooter then swung around and began to flee east while continuing to open fire on the bystanders. The witness claimed that the shooter was then placed in a car and driven away.

How does society respond to this event?
McDonald Chasity

What is happening to our youth? I can’t help but disagree with this! My heart breaks for her family and the other parents whose children are being killed by guns. No human life is worth a cow to our youngsters! You guys haven’t even lived to the fullest to just take another life. We need to enlist these children in the church so that they will have something to do when school is out.

We must get together as parents to find a solution. Save our kids, please! For me, this is too much. for her household. Lord, surround our children with your wards of defense! God the Father, who is both seen and hidden, will protect them. Lord, guide and lead them in the name of Jesus! Amen!

Prewitt Rubio, Brandy

What a lovely young lady. For her family, especially her mother, she is in prayer. Who knows why?

Phillips, Jae

It’s really sad,

When will the city government “DO SOMETHING” or ask for assistance from other organizations? There is enough.

Maddie Paige

This is my viewpoint. Okay, everyone can see that these kids are being killed by the enemy and his HELL dogs. No matter which child is on his list, the devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy! Therefore, parents, we had to return to the village. Ask your neighbor if you don’t know where your child is. Getting these young kids off the streets and into their homes with their families or at grandma’s place is long overdue. The time for change has arrived! I have experienced the pain of losing a young adult at the age of 37 to illness. My God, I cannot comprehend why these infants are being killed.

The amount of this is too much. What point does it end? I’m pleased I asked because, don’t get me wrong, I know things will spiral out of control when parents are responsible for their teenagers. However, you are still in charge of them. if they refuse to pay attention to and follow your instructions. Put them under home arrest if you must, but if they weren’t rescued by Christ, death awaits them eternally. My son is in excruciating pain while I’m in pain. I’m sure I’ll run across him again. My entire point is that it stings to constantly hear about these teenagers passing away.

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