Watch full video: Who is Jesse Navarro? Suspect who shot and killed Deputy Darnell Calhoun, Riverside County deputy’s murderer is in custody

Watch full video: Who is Jesse Navarro? Suspect who shot and killed Deputy Darnell Calhoun, Riverside County deputy’s murderer is in custody

According to the sheriff’s office, deputy Darnell Calhoun of Riverside County was shot and murdered in Lake Elsinore on January 13, 2022. After a shootout, cops shot and seriously injured a suspect. Find out more information on the suspect and Jesse Navarro.

The murder of Deputy Darnell Calhoun is described.
Deputy Darnell Calhoun, 30, a recent department hire, was shot and killed in Lake Elsinore.

On January 13, 2023, at around 4:20 p.m., Darnell Calhoun responded to a complaint about domestic violence and child custody in the 18000 block of Hilldale Lane, in the area of Lakeland Village that is not incorporated.

At the Lakeland village, the culprit shot and murdered Deputy Darnell Calhoun. Calhoun was found bleeding out in the roadway when a second officer arrived.

After then, the suspect and the second deputy exchanged gunfire, which left the suspect badly wounded.

Jesse Navarro and police officers engaged in a shootout as deputy Calhoun approached the home and the suspect started firing at him. This led to a shooting in which the deputy was involved. The suspect started shooting at the second deputy who arrived as well. In the end, the second deputy injured the suspect.

Deputy Calhoun was taken to a local hospital by sheriff’s deputies after suffering significant injuries. Deputy Calhoun was later pronounced deceased. Additionally, the suspect was transferred to a local hospital to obtain treatment for his injuries.

The suspect’s health is in grave danger. The deputy who opened fire will receive paid administrative leave, according to reports.

Sheriff Chad Bianco’s press conference statement:
At a press conference held outside the Inland Valley Medical Center in Wildomar on Friday evening, sheriff Chad Bianco pronounced Calhoun dead.

Bianco replied, “I shouldn’t be here tonight having to do this again. I’m heartbroken to report the death of another one of our deputy sheriffs who was killed today while performing his official duties.

“A shootout broke out, and the suspect was wounded. According to the Bianco, the suspect received treatment on the spot before being taken to the hospital.

The San Diego police department was where Deputy Darnell Calhoun began his career in law enforcement. Before relocating to Riverside County less than a year ago, he worked there for two years. Calhoun was tasked with running the Lake Elsinore station.

Calhoun, who joined the Sheriff’s Office in February 2022 after serving for two years with the San Diego Police Department, was never the subject of any negative comments, according to Bianco.

Bianco said that Calhoun had a “wonderful family” and added that “he was always very positive.”
“I remember when he was sworn in,” Bianco remarked. I gave his mother a big hug and promised to look after him.

Police transported Calhoun’s body from the Inland Valley Medical Center to the coroner’s office in Perris late on Friday.

His wife and unborn kid are the only things left of Deputy Darnell. Darnell is a Murrieta native and the owners of Calhoun’s BBQ are his parents.

Jesse Navarro: who is he?
Deputy Calhoun of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office was killed; a suspect has been named. The suspect was identified by Riverside Country officials as “Jesse Navarro”.

Police have Navarro in custody at the hospital. 42-year-old Lake Elsinore resident Jesse Navarro is in critical condition. The shooting’s motivation is still a mystery.

Navarro and his wife reportedly filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in July, according to court records. In their filing forms, they claimed to live in a property on Hilldale Lane with four teenagers.

Views of the neighborhood on Jesse Navarro
Locals on Hilldale Lane, the street where Calhoun was tragically shot, said they occasionally heard Navarro and his wife yelling at one another.

Navarro, his wife, and their children were in the street when the deputies arrived, and the youngsters appeared to be in difficulty, according to the locals. They don’t want to reveal their names because they are afraid for their safety.

A resident said that his son had witnessed the shooting. After shooting Calhoun, the witness alleged that Navarro got out of his white pickup vehicle and shot the officer once more, causing the latter to fall to the ground between some bushes and palm trees.

The resident claims that Navarro returned to his truck, but when the second officer arrived, he got out and opened fire on that deputy. That’s when Navarro was shot.

Locals claim that Navarro has been a homeless person for a time. Navarro, according to one claim, works in construction. None of them expressed any fear of Navarro.

Just a few weeks had passed when officer Isaiah Cordero, also a Riverside County deputy, was shot and murdered on December 29 while conducting a traffic check in Jurupa Valley. William Shae McKay, 44, the shooter, was hunted down and killed.

According to the agency, an investigator from the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office will conduct this investigation with assistance from the Riverside County County Sheriff’s Department Force Investigations.

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