Watch full video: Who are Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland? Fort Worth-area robberies suspects arrested

Watch full video: Who are Donovin Copeland and Billy Don Copeland? Fort Worth-area robberies suspects arrested

Fort Worth police have detained and accused two people in relation to a convenience store robbery that happened around two weeks ago and resulted in the gunshot death of a dog. Let’s take a closer look at the incident.

Who are Billy Don and Donovin Copeland?
When robbery detectives discovered where Donovin Copeland was, they detained him along with his brother Billy Don Copeland, 21. He was sought after for numerous violent robberies. He was apparently in an apartment around the 6200 block of Vega Drive in southwest Fort Worth. Two people were seen driving away from the apartment after it was under surveillance.

At this point, officers approached them and found the Copelands, who were quickly put into prison. Authorities claim that Billy Copeland was carrying a pistol that his brother had stolen during one of his crimes at the time. A rifle was also discovered after the flat was thoroughly searched.

The Fort Worth Police Department apprehended both of them. Billy Copeland is charged with sheltering a wanted person and having an illegal criminal carry a handgun.

More charges may be brought as the investigation continues, according to the police. Around 1:30 on Monday, January 2, Fort Worth police were called to Sunny’s Market at 6001 N. Main Street in response to an aggravated robbery.

The employee’s dog, Peanut, approached the suspect as he attempted to grab the cash register, according to security footage that was released by the FWPD on Thursday.

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While Peanut was attempting to protect his owner, the suspect was shot and killed. The clerk is then shown on camera taking an undetermined quantity of cash out of the register and putting it in a cash bag as the man continues to wave a gun at him. The guy also appears to have snatched the employee’s auto keys from a pocketbook.

Detective Brian Raynsford, a 12-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department’s robbery investigation unit, asserted that he had never come across a criminal quite like this one.

Raynsford declared,

He is among the most violent and dangerous people I have ever encountered.

Donovin Copeland was previously arrested three times in 2017: on September 9 in Denton County on suspicion of operating a vehicle without a license, possessing a firearm without a license, and tampering with tangible evidence; on October 30 in Parker County when he eluded a deputy after the latter found a gun and drugs in his car; and once more on November 17 in White Settlement on suspicion of assaulting a woman at a motel.

A gun was used to kill the dog “Peanut” there and then.

The store’s employee, Jacki Anderson, revealed to KXAS-TV that she had had Peanut the dog for 12 years.

Anderson stated in a written letter to the NBC station,

“Everyone tells me I’m lucky to still have my life, yet he almost ripped it from me at that moment,”

“My baby girl was my best friend, and that store—which, after nine years of living there essentially—I can no longer enter—was my life. I can’t talk to any of those folks I used to see every day because I don’t want to relive it.

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