Watch full video: Whats happened to videos of Factsdawg7 on twitter leaked

Watch full video: Whats happened to videos of Factsdawg7 on twitter leaked

Finding a compatible partner is a common fantasy. But when we are up against other people, how much should we demand?

A social media user going by the handle @salppicon posted an appeal to give someone a chance on Thursday. She desires a spouse who will drive a car or ride a motorbike, not reside with her parents, speak two languages, possess a visa, and even do the dishes.


I don’t care if it’s a technician or a technician; I’m only 23 and at least my spouse is a professional. They must possess transportation, whether it is a car or a motorcycle, and they must be bilingual, she vowed. You might be interested in: No more feces! Melissa Martnez’s seductive dancing made admirers sigh.

“If you don’t yet own a home, you are undoubtedly making a down payment on one, which means that you are not residing with your parents. You must also make at least as much as I do and possess a passport and visa.

Adding to her list, the young woman continued, “You must not want children, and if you have a vasectomy, all the better. Additionally, you must be available for at least three appointments each month and be open to participating in couples counseling and doing the dishes because I don’t cook.

From those who really backed her to those who lambasted her long and demanding list, the response to her video was swift.

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