Watch full video: Watch Awlivv videos and photos leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter

Watch full video: Watch Awlivv videos and photos leaked onlyf on reddit and twitter

The press statement promoting the Cleveland emo quartet’s most recent EP, Heart Attack Man, begins with the line “Good Morning Fuckers.” Talk about grabbing their attention with force. On the five-song Thoughtz & Prayerz EP, where the band faced their personal issues and advanced their songwriting craft, they really brought their almost aggressive appeal to life. Thoughtz & Prayerz describe this EP as “going into X-Games mode with your emotions and crap,” which is a pretty accurate description of what to anticipate from the group.

Eric Egan gets down with Bob Mold, Cleveland, and 8 Mile for their most recent indie mixtape 20 Q&A to commemorate the release of the new EP.

People are still listening to your music in the year 2050, the world has not come to an end. What should I keep in mind?

We have no control over what people do with our music once it is released, but I sincerely hope they find some good in it and use it as a soundtrack and inspiration to better their lives. There is a place for everything, but I don’t believe our musical communities are sufficiently rife with self-pity and hatred to truly encourage one another.

Fuck Ohio, Cleveland, baby! Also mention Chicago, also known as the Big Windy Apple.

Bob passes away. I keep returning to his work and am consistently inspired by it thanks to Hüsker Dü, Sugar, and his own work. I take every opportunity to pay tribute to his name since his work forever altered punk and alternative rock.

Wow, that’s difficult.

It’s difficult for me to choose a favorite among the numerous excellent vegetarian breakfast establishments in the US, but we went to Spiral Diner in Dallas for my birthday two years ago, and it was really The fantastic good. That’s what I’m thinking about right now. I don’t recall what I received, but I do recall being quite delighted and receiving an enormous lot of food. Although I was disappointed that we had driven for my birthday first, it turned out to be a very nice day. We traveled all day.

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