Watch full video: Video of Drew Brees being struck by lightning is fake

Watch full video: Video of Drew Brees being struck by lightning is fake

Despite a video that surfaced showing an event around one in the morning, former Saints quarterback Drew Brees was NOT struck by lightning on Thursday night.

Brees was seen being struck by lightning in a video that was uploaded to Twitter on Friday morning, and as you might expect, everyone was immediately concerned for his safety.

Is Drew Brees experiencing a lightning strike?
It turns out that the video was a gaming company’s marketing gimmick. In order to assure everyone that “he’s good and that he did not get struck by lightning,” Brees texted ESPN’s Saints reporter Kat Terrell.

Later, the gambling business acknowledged that the lightning strike was a PR gimmick. Brees had earlier in the week mentioned that he was going to a “top-secret location” to shoot a commercial for a sports book.

The Catatumbo River in Venezuela, which is renowned for the amount of lightning it receives, was revealed to be the site in the submitted video, which was one reason the trending video became much more credible.

Let’s quickly review what happened in case you only viewed the video and skimmed the rest of the story: Lightning did not strike Brees. He’s doing great, and given the harsh response to this video, he probably won’t play the trending marketing game much longer.

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