Watch full video: Tina twitter video| Tina video trending on social media

Watch full video: Tina twitter video| Tina video trending on social media

Tina was born on November 26, 1939, to Zelma Priscilla and Floyd Richard Bullock in Tennessee, United States. Her father was the sharecroppers’ supervisor. Turner had to move up with her grandparents in Knoxville after being split up from her parents during World War II.

She lived with her grandmother while attending Carver High School. Turner had to move in with her mother when she was 16 because her grandma had passed away. She had a dream of becoming a nurse and had graduated from Summer High School in Missouri.

Career: Tina used to frequent St. Louis nightclubs. She first met her future husband Ike Turner and his band Kings of Rhythm at Club Manhattan. She was given the opportunity to record with Ike as a background singer in 1958 when Ike saw her talent. She made a mock vocal for Ike’s song in 1959, and Juggy Murray, the head of Sue Records, received it later. Ike received a large quantity of money in exchange for the song’s recording and publication rights.

Tina Dabi’s video of herself taking in Jaipur has become popular on social media. The short clip shows Tina and her sister Ria Dabi visiting well-known sites in the city, including Amber Palace, Panna Meena Ka Kund, and the Hawa Mahal. Tina captioned the picture, “Memories.” Currently serving as Jaisalmer’s district collector in Rajasthan is Tina Dabi. She wed Pradeep Gawande, an IAS officer, in Jaipur earlier this year.

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