Watch full video: The 5 worst flight fight viral videos of 2022 to remind you of a Mile-High Fight Club

Watch full video: The 5 worst flight fight viral videos of 2022 to remind you of a Mile-High Fight Club

Thanks to two embarrassing instances of verbal and physical fighting, Indians have quickly come to proudly represent themselves in air travel. The more recent Thai Smile flight saw two males raising their hands and saying, “haath neeche kar,” in contrast to the IndiGo trip from Istanbul to New Delhi where a passenger called a flight attendant a “servant” before receiving a taste of his own medicine.

There were several such mid-air battles in 2022.

1. An argument between a GoFirst pilot and actor named Aarya Babbar over a crude joke

On a Go First (previously Go Air) flight in February, the Hindi-Punjabi actor Aarya Babbar posted an almost 4-minute-long video to his Instagram account. The conversation resulted in a brawl that is best described as petty, despite the fact that Babbar was grinning beneath his facemask.

As soon as the actor was told to go to the cockpit, he started documenting his experience. The pilot then begins a weird interrogation by asking Babbar if he made a joke about him. You said, “I heard you say, ‘yeh kya chalayega (how would he fly the plane?)

Babbar defended his actions by claiming that he was merely asking his pal, “Bhai ye abhi aaye hai? (Did he just arrive?)” in jest. The angered pilot then continued to shout (albeit calmly) about how Babbar shouldn’t make such comments about his flying talents! Following a completely haphazard exchange of words, Babbar claimed that he didn’t make any obscene jokes and that his remarks were intended to be personal remarks with his friend.

Even after the pilot finally made up his mind to stop engaging in silly school-related behavior and raised a hand for a truce, Babbar continued, “This won’t go down easily. You want to demonstrate your dominance, and when you need someone to talk to, you want me to get up from my seat and come over here.

Finally, the Instagram post with the caption “Sensitive Pilot” went live!

2. Californian guy strikes flight attendant of American Airlines

The aircraft echoed with yells of “Oh my gosh” and “What are you doing” when American Airlines Flight 377 took off in September. Alexander Tung Cuu Le, 33, started acting inappropriately with the flight attendants when he asked for coffee while the personnel was dispensing food and drinks.

A flight attendant told Cuu Le to wait while he ordered a coffee. The Westminster, California resident started to grow agitated and eventually took a seat in a first-class row that was free. Verbal threats followed the staff’s requests for him to return to his seat.

Cuu Lee came up from behind and delivered a head hit to the male flight attendant as he made the decision to leave the troublemaker.

After the plane touched down, the individual was promptly detained and charged with one count of interfering with flight crew members. He might spend as much as 20 years in prison if found guilty. It goes without saying that he has also been permanently barred from using the airlines for travel.

3. Employee of Spirit Airlines terminated for assaulting a female passenger in an airport

The Dallas Fort Worth Airport in Texas, specifically, was the location of this flight. The incident between a Spirit Airlines employee and a female passenger in August was documented by a professional filmmaker with National Geographic experience, in contrast to the blurry footage that is typically obtained in such instances!

Thomas Shannon recorded the splat as witnesses caught a glimpse of the ugly altercation that occurred close to the departure gates (the video of which cannot be shared here because the majority of YouTube uploads are age restricted, but you can see one here). The argument reportedly began because of a flight’s seating issue. The male employee began accusing the female customer of invading his personal space and intimidating him as she became combative and even hurled homophobic epithets.

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The situation quickly became hostile as each charged at one another. A male onlooker attempted to step in, but the Spirit Airlines employee aggressively instructed him to back off.

The Internet quickly took sides once the videos went viral, with both sides receiving their fair amount of backers. Despite the man’s suspension by Spirit Airlines, nobody was detained because both individuals were let go from the scene after being questioned by airport authorities.

4. An IndiGo flight attendant responds angrily to a rude passenger

Due to the widely shared video of a flight attendant and a passenger engaging in a heated argument, IndiGo became a news sensation in December. The event gained further context after Tejasvi Chandela, a different fellow traveler, recorded her thoughts on social media. The woman could be heard urging the passenger to stop treating her like a servant.

Chandela wrote on Instagram that several of the passengers on the aircraft from Istanbul to Delhi were rude to the employees. She wrote, to cite:

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