Watch full video: Ted cruz Daughter TikTok Video // ted cruz daughter video,ted cruz daughter tiktok trending Video

Watch full video: Ted cruz Daughter TikTok Video // ted cruz daughter video,ted cruz daughter tiktok trending Video

In a TikTok video that is now viral, Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s teenage daughter admitted that she frequently disagrees with her father’s opinions and described the challenges of being his child.

Despite the fact that Caroline Cruz, 13, frequently disagrees with her Republican father’s hardline views, she claims that people are quick to criticize her based on his politics.

biography of Caroline Cruz from Wikipedia
The senior daughter of well-known American politician Ted Cruz is Caroline Cruz. Only a short time after her effort, Caroline Cruz gained attention.

Caroline had self-inflicted wounds when she was hospitalized. She attracted notice earlier this year when she revealed that her name appears on a TikTok account with the prefix “BI.”

Caroline Cruz: Who is she?
The Senior Daughter of Ted Cruz When Caroline came out as bisexual through her TikTok profile, she was 13 years old at the time.

Additionally, she has admitted that she does not share many of her father’s political viewpoints. Caroline previously claimed that she was constantly scrutinized by others due to the political agendas of her Republican father.

Here is the complete video.
However, she actually doesn’t agree with the majority of his viewpoints.
As a result of growing up in a political family, she has also attacked the media for cropping her shirt’s length on the family Christmas card.

political kinship

Caroline responded, “I haven’t told him yet, I’m sort of frightened to, but I don’t believe he would be mad about it,” when asked if her father knew about her.

Video on TikTok trending with Carolina Cruz
Caroline Cruz became well-known when her TikTok video declaring that she disagrees with her father’s views became popular online. On TikTok, Caroline Cruz is well-known as a social media influencer who creates lip-sync videos.

When Caroline Cruz uploaded her lip-sync videos to TikTok at the young age of 13, she quickly gained a lot of popularity on social media.

When she posted a video on TikTok discussing the benefits and drawbacks of being Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter, she attracted a lot of attention.

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