Watch full video: Tamzid Mahfuz Mubin Viral Video Trending On Twitter, Reddit

Watch full video: Tamzid Mahfuz Mubin Viral Video Trending On Twitter, Reddit

Before she rose to fame and made a name for herself in the journalism industry, Tamzid worked behind the scenes and on late-night programs. Tamzid started her first career in the journalistic industry in December of 2015. She has since gained recognition in other news agencies. She began delivering the evening news on WDVM in addition to receiving the Grace Award. Because of her efforts on the evening news program, Tamzid became the first woman to host a news program in Bangladesh. Tamzid immigrated with her family to the US, where she hosted her first television program as a Bangladeshi woman.

Tamzid spent his early years in a foreign nation because his parents and grandparents immigrated from Bangladesh to the United States. Tamzid’s parents, Abdul and Nazmun Mahfuz, are both from Bangladesh, however she was born in Florida. Both of Tamiz’s parents, who were both employed, were Chittagong, Bangladesh, natives. They relocated to Chicago, Illinois, in 1979. Although Tamiz is most recognized for her work as a TV news anchor, she has also done a lot of good for the community and many organizations. In the Bangladeshi village of Chandanash, where secondary education for females is still regarded as taboo and where they are frequently disregarded, Tamzid assisted in the construction of a free secondary school for girls.

In the country where her parents reside, Tamzid is the director of a school and a college for women. There, she aids in the education of girls. According to one story, numerous other schools are also being built nearby, along with a college where ladies will receive an education. Tamzid attended King’s College in West Palm Beach, Florida, and graduated from Emory University with a bachelor’s degree in 2009. She subsequently completed a two-year internship before beginning her career as a journalist. Tamzid traveled widely to gather information, stopping in New Jersey, New York, and Washington. Tamzid covered a wide range of news, including the state of Syria and disagreements between Iran and the United States.

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