Watch Full Video: Stephen Burkes Suspect arrested of shooting his mother and killing her boyfriend

Watch Full Video: Stephen Burkes Suspect arrested of shooting his mother and killing her boyfriend

The brother of Delano Burke, who was recently discovered dead, is accused of killing their mother and her lover. Let’s look more closely at Stephen Burkes’ identity and the reasons behind killing her mother.

According to sources, Stephen Burkes, the brother of Delano Burkes—a missing person who was recently discovered dead—was apprehended on Friday. Stephen Burkes is now charged with killing her boyfriend today and shooting/critically wounded his mother.

Stephen Burkes, who is he?
Delano Burkes, whose body was found last month after he went missing, has now been located and is accused of shooting two members of his family.

According to the criminal records, Stephen Burkes was apprehended Friday morning in West Houston and charged with murder and severe assault on a relative. On Friday around 12:30 a.m., a shooting occurred at a residence not far from Westheimer Road and Eldridge Parkway. Two persons were shot twice at a home on Bingley Drive, near Gentryside Drive, north of Westheimer Road, just after 2:30 a.m. possibly a single person with a beard

How did the victims fare?
Upon arriving at the scene on Friday morning, Lt. R. Willkens reported, “We have one adult male, I believe in his 50s, deceased on the scene.” Another woman, in her mid-40s, who has many gunshot wounds is present. She is in a neighborhood hospital. We are praying for her.

Karen Jeffley, the mother of Stephen Burke, was the victim, according to sources who spoke with FOX 26. whereas Jeffley’s boyfriend was the shooting’s casualty.

HPD Patrol Officers found a male unconscious in the front yard after responding to a shooting at a home at the aforementioned address, according to HPD Homicide Division Detectives M. Perez and J. Escobar.

The man was declared dead by the paramedics from the Houston Fire Department. HFD paramedics informed the officers that a woman had called their dispatch and said she was inside the house and needed assistance because she had been shot several times.

When police arrived at the house, they discovered the 46-year-old woman cowering in the living room. She had been wounded by gunfire. She was taken to a hospital in the neighborhood by paramedics.

The suspect, later identified as Burkes, was then discovered by the police sitting outside in the patio area. Burkes was apprehended without a hitch and later charged for his part in the crime.

Motive of the Suspect
Our suspect “has a history of mental health concerns,” according to Lt. Wilkens. “ They assumed he had acquired a weapon somehow because of the odd way he was acting today.

Though we are unsure of exactly what transpired or how it occurred, we believe he shot both the other man and his mother. We are unsure of the correct order. What precipitated the shooting is unknown at this time.

Delano Burkes was found deceased after going missing.
For several weeks, the mysterious Delano Burkes missing person case captivated Houston. The 26-year-old was seen stumbling and nearly running away as he left a bar in the Heights on CCTV tape. His lifeless body was found in the Houston Ship Channel about a month later.

On December 9, Houston’s police chief, Troy Finner, tweeted about the Delano case. In the tweet, Chief Finner noted that they were awaiting the full autopsy results.

The statement continued, “We have kept Delano’s family informed of the details we have gathered throughout our investigation, and all evidence points to Delano’s death as a terrible accident.

In recent weeks, the Burkes family has participated in a number of press conferences discussing Delano’s kidnapping, and Stephen Burkes and his mother have attended each one.

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