Watch full video: Steph Curry Video – Steph Curry Trending video Confirmed Fake

Watch full video: Steph Curry Video – Steph Curry Trending video Confirmed Fake

Even if it is undoubtedly true, calling Stephen Curry the best player of all time and ending there would be a grave understatement. You might argue that Curry is the best point guard in history and that he is one of the top 10 players in league history.

Wikipedia’s biography of Steph Curry
Wardell, Stephen Curry in full American professional basketball player Stephen Curry II, also known by his stage name Steph, was born on March 14, 1988 in Akron, Ohio. He played for the National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors.

To titles in 2014–15, 2016–17, 2017–18, and 2022–23, as well as to the best regular-season mark in league history (73–9) in 2015–16.

Curry, the son of 16-year NBA player and accurate shooter Dell Curry, grew up playing basketball. The elder Curry taught his son how to play the game’s nuances.

College coaches were unable to look past his lanky build and mediocre 6-foot (1.8 m) height despite his acute high “basketball IQ.”

Major collegiate basketball programs did not give him scholarships, and he attended Davidson (North Carolina) College, which had a student body of fewer than 2,000.

But he immediately established himself, leading all first-year players in the nation with an average of 21.5 points per game as a freshman.

When he led 10th-seeded Davidson on an unlikely run to the Elite Eight of the National Collegiate Athletic Association men’s tournament during his sophomore season, Curry became a national sensation.

basketball championship game in a performance that featured a three-pointer that would soon come to be known as his signature from well outside the three-point line.

While he did not perform any similar postseason miracles during his junior season, his average of 28.6 points per game topped the nation, and he was selected to the first team of the All-Americans by consensus.

He subsequently participated in the 2009 NBA Draft, where the Warriors took him with the seventh overall choice.

Curry, Steph a popular video
The fact that Curry is out of picture when each shot is made is the first clue. If you look a little closer, you’ll see that the cameraman the Warriors mentioned in the tweet also created the video with the fake Tom Brady hole.

If it had been someone else, everyone would have immediately suspected a fraud. With Steph, you want to think it might be real.

We must now witness Steph taking a full court at the end of a quarter. NBA players typically pass on these opportunities to protect their percentages, but after releasing a false video like this, Curry ought to be forced to take one. It is only right.

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