Watch full video: Southern Utah Shooting: What happened at Utah home? 8 found fatally shot including 5 children, explained

Watch full video: Southern Utah Shooting: What happened at Utah home? 8 found fatally shot including 5 children, explained

Utah Home Shooting: According to Enoch officials, the incident was found by the police while conducting a welfare check.

Eight family members, five of whom were children, were reportedly found dead from gunshot wounds in a home in southern Utah on Wednesday, according to the authorities. They didn’t provide any other details or speculate on a potential reason for the killings.

The victims were found when police conducted a welfare check at the residence, according to a statement from city officials in Enoch, a small village of about 8,000 people located 245 miles (394 kilometers) south of Salt Lake City. According to the police, there was no proof of a public threat.

The victims were who?
The eight bodies horrified the neighborhood, according to Rob Dotson, the city manager of Enoch, and the dead, who were all members of one family, were well-known in the small southern Utah town.

“Many of us have worked with them in church, in the community, and gone to school with these individuals,” Dotson said in a video statement on Wednesday night.

This community is suffering right now. They’re in misery, they’re grieving, and they’re full of questions,” Dotson stated, highlighting the fact that officials planned to provide more information as it became available as the police investigation progressed.

We won’t know the mentality or thoughts of the victims of this catastrophe, but we can all pray that their families, neighbors, and everyone else can understand what happened in this place, possibly in a day or two, or maybe longer. Dotson choked up briefly as he said this.

Continually Investigating
The only thing the authorities said to explain the incident was that there was no danger to the public. The incident took place in a city with a population of about 8,000 people south of Salt Lake City.

City officials reportedly said, “At this time, we do not consider there is a threat to the public or that there are any suspects at large,” as quoted by the New York Times. The investigation is still ongoing, they noted.

A man who works at a nearby venue for the event said he knew the victims since they attended the same church as him. “We’re just shocked and distraught. He noted that the residents were cordial with one another. More information regarding the shooting is awaited.

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