Watch Full Video: son of “El Chapo” Ovidio Guzman-Lopez arrest video

Watch Full Video: son of “El Chapo” Ovidio Guzman-Lopez arrest video

Ovidio Guzman-Lopez, the son of former Mexican drug lord El Chapo, was recently detained in Culiacan and sent to Mexico City.

Guzman’s capture was a result of a big operation in Sinaloa, a federal government of Mexico source informed CNN.

Guzman was captured in a viral web video surrendering to the police as riots erupted throughout Mexico City while he was being arrested.

In the video, authorities can be seen directing Guzman to telephone a cartel partner and request that they ask the rioters to disperse.

A $5 million prize was also being offered by the State Department for information that would help find Guzman.

Additionally, it was stated that following the passing of another brother called Edgar, Guzman and his brother Joaquin “received a considerable chunk of the narcotics revenues.”

Riots break out across Mexico after the arrest of El Chapo’s son:
Chaos erupted throughout Mexico as soon as word of Ovidio Guzman-arrest Lopez’s spread, especially in the city of Culiacan.

According to the BBC, enraged gang members reportedly took control of a nearby airport, barricaded highways, and set cars on fire.

At three airports in Sinaloa, more than 100 flights were canceled and two flights are said to have been hit by gunfire.

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