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A former Arizona teacher who garnered attention after it was found that she had an OnlyF account was also banned by the website. Samantha Peer, also known as Khloe Karter, co-taught at the Lake Havasu Unified School District with her husband.

Despite their best efforts to go unnoticed, the pair was discovered by the neighborhood to be producing p0rn0graphy on OnlyF to supplement their income, which would put an end to her academic career. She said, “I chose an anonymous name and on OnlyF to prevent anyone in Arizona from accessing the full state,” in a video statement at the beginning of November.

The main point of contention was peer-recording the lesson on camera. Pell acknowledged this, but insisted that the weekend shoot for the video was done without the kids.


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Peer posted on social media on November 13 that her OnlyF account had been deleted and that she was unable to make a new one. When this report was published, the account was still dormant.

Nexstar contacted OnlyF to ask about the veracity of Peer’s account, but the platform informed the media outlet that it does not comment on all accounts.

The rules of service for OnlyF specify that while the website may alert content producers whose accounts may be terminated, it also has the right to do so “quickly and without notice.”
There are laws that restrict what producers of adult content can do, even if the website permits certain users to make pornographic content for viewers in exchange for a monthly fee. The platform strictly forbids severe or illegal sexual behavior. If public n8dity is recorded in nations where it is prohibited and in locations where members of the public “may view ongoing action,” such as in classrooms, content makers risk punishment.

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