Watch full video: shy glizzy white girl platinum video – shy glizzy white girl video

Watch full video: shy glizzy white girl platinum video – shy glizzy white girl video

Shy Glizzy, a proud D.C. rapper, is living proof that perseverance pays off in the rap world. This week, the RIAA certified his 2014 hit “White Girl” as platinum, a feat he achieved through hard work and determination.

Shy Glizzy: who is he?
Amonte Marquis King (born December 12, 1992). American rapper Jefe, also known by his stage names Shy Glizzy and $hy Glizzy, is from Southeast Washington, D.C.

Shy Glizzy was raised on 37th Street in Southeast Washington, D.C., close to Fort Dupont Park. She was born Marquis Amonte King on December 12, 1992, at Greater Southeast Community Hospital.

At age 19, his father passed away. before Shy turned one. His mother, grandmother, and younger brother, 3 Glizzy, lived with him as a child.

He was detained for petty stealing at the age of 14. He was detained as a minor for 14 months after being arrested for a robbery at the age of 16. He obtained his GED there as well.

Early in his life, he was given the moniker “Shy”. He follows Islam. He started reading the Quran as a teenager, followed by the daily newspaper and a ton of biographies.

before to beginning to write raps. At first, he “tried to create a novel, but it turned out to be a song.” As a child, Shy claims he did not listen to rap music but rather go-go music, which he attributes to.

Trending Twitter Video: An emotional Glizzy used Instagram to celebrate selling one million copies of “White Girl” on her own, without the distribution, radio promotion, or financial backing of a major label. A later remix would feature Lil Durk, giving the song an extra boost.

Glizzy also took great pride in the fact that he truly owns all the masters and publishing rights to the song “Party Starter,” which means he gets all the money it makes.

popular video of a white girl who is reticent
Glizzy offered fans another reason to listen to the song by releasing the official music video in light of the fact that it was never “officially” published.

The video, which was directed by Whipalo, shows Glizzy surrounded by Caucasian chicks and coke. Basically everything that the song has ever described

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