Watch Full Video: Shashl and Levels leaked video on reddit and twitter

Watch Full Video: Shashl and Levels leaked video on reddit and twitter

SONGBIRD A lawsuit has been filed by Ashleigh Moyo, a.k.a. Shashl, against Levels, a co-owner of Mbares Chillspot Records, and her ex-boyfriend Tafadzwa Kadzimwe. Shashl Moyo, 23, is a former health minister and is Obadiah Moyo’s daughter. Over the weekend, a sex video of the pair that Levels is suspected of publishing on purpose to intimidate Shashl following their breakup was extensively circulated on social media.

The music producer expressed regret for the hacked phone after nude photos were revealed prior to sextape. The Levels, on the other hand, were cruel individuals who willfully released sexual details about them in an order to humiliate them, according to Shashl, who claimed to state media that his phone had not been taken.

She also alleges that Levels coerced her into the relationship, which occasionally involved rape. “He pushed me into the circumstance. When I didn’t want to, he forced me to sleep with him, the singer claimed.


People on social media started spreading rumors that Levels and Shashl were dating when they weren’t. Actually, he was the one who published the tale. He then started pressuring me to share a bed with him.

I repeatedly replied no before he threatened to stop recording my songs. The singer further declared that Levels was a violent man and that she was bringing legal action against him.

“I’m complaining to the police about him. He is bragging that there is nothing that can be done to him. I don’t know how to describe it, but he’s blackmailing me, so I’m in danger. He is bragging about becoming a pariah. He was aggressive and forced me to have sex, which was more akin to rape.

I was forced to contact the police in order for the incident to be reported and the truth to be revealed. In the meantime, a fictitious police memo that purports to show Shashl reporting the event to the Borrowdale Police Department has gone viral. Levels reportedly vanished as well, according to reports.

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