Watch full video: Shannon Ruth? Why she is accusing Nick Carterof raping her? What happened

Watch full video: Shannon Ruth? Why she is accusing Nick Carterof raping her? What happened

Shannon Ruth continued, “I remember him calling me a’re—-ed bitch’ and grabbing me and leaving marks on my arm after he raped me.”

Shannon Ruth Motive for raising a concern
She added, “Carter tried to frighten me into silence. He was abrasive and menacing. Ruth said during the news conference that she had been reluctant to speak forward because she feared that if she revealed what had allegedly occurred, she may “go to jail.”

“Nick Carter is not protected from his crimes simply because he is a celebrity,” the woman insisted, adding that her current goal was to “hold Nick Carter accountable” and “stop” Carter from “assaulting further kids and women.”

Ruth’s attorney Mark J. Boskovich, who also spoke at the podium, supported the joint complaint Ruth filed with three other women, all of whom were identified only as Jane Doe. Nick Carter has a history of abusing women, the lawyer claimed, adding that the music industry is known for “looking aside.”

According to Boskovich, Shay is devoted to keeping Carter accountable. She believes it is important to stand up for other women.

Suit was brought.
After a concert she attended in Tacoma, Washington, the alleged victim said in the lawsuit, which was filed on Thursday and was acquired by Page Six, that she was invited to the “I Want It That Way” singer’s tour van after standing in line for an autograph.

Ruth subsequently said Carter offered her a “red-colored drink” he termed a “VIP juice” despite the fact that she was underage, and she now thinks it was a mix of alcoholic beverage and cranberry juice.

The crying child was allegedly coerced into having oral sex with the 42-year-old “Quit Playing Games” singer. Ruth continued, alleging that Carter assaulted her when she was still a virgin by dragging her to a bed on the tour bus.

The alleged victim asserted in the lawsuit that she got a STI called HPV as a result of the incident. She is requesting financial reimbursement for the alleged wrongdoing.

Shannon Ruth: Who is she? Why is Nick Carter being accused of raping her? What took place? Explained

Nick Carter refuted the charge.
As one of the Backstreet Boys’ five members, Nick Carter achieved stardom.

Carter today responded to the bombshell charges through his attorney. According to a statement obtained by Page Six from Carter’s attorney Michael Holtz, “this accusation regarding an incident that allegedly occurred more than 20 years ago is not only legally meritless but also entirely false.”

“Unfortunately, over a number of years, Ms. Ruth has been coerced into making false accusations against Nick; these accusations have changed frequently and significantly over time.

Nobody should be fooled by a press spectacle orchestrated by an opportunistic attorney since there is simply no truth to this claim, as the courts will quickly understand.

Nick Carter is once more charged with misconduct
The boy band member has already been accused of sexual misbehavior. Former Dream member Melissa Schuman claimed in 2017 that Carter had molested her when she was 18 and he was 22.

I explained to him that I was holding out for my future spouse at the time, the “He Loves U Not” singer wrote in a blog post, “I told him that I was a virgin and I didn’t want to have sex.” I said it several times.

He remarked, “I could be your husband,” in an attempt to lure me, and Carter previously said, “Melissa never expressed to me while we were together or at any time subsequently.

I continued to appreciate and encourage Melissa on a personal and professional level as we collaborated to record a song and perform.

After Schuman came forward, Carter was not put on trial.
In a later, since-deleted blog post, Schuman asserted that she and her family “were well aware of the likelihood that [her] case was not prosecutable due to the statute of limitations in California involving rape, which was altered in 2016.”

Knowing that my testimony is properly examined, recorded, and sealed in case law enforcement ever requires it gives me a great deal of comfort, she added.
The best thing I could have ever done for myself was to speak up. I hope this motivates others to take the same course of action if they feel

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