Watch full video: Reshma Pasupuleti Private Video LEAKED on reddit and twitter? Baakiyalakshmi Star

Watch full video: Reshma Pasupuleti Private Video LEAKED on reddit and twitter? Baakiyalakshmi Star

The Vijay TV soap opera Baakiyalakshmi featured Reshma Pasupuleti heavily. Although she has appeared in films as an actor, Bigg Boss is where she first gained notoriety. She debuted in the third season of the program and quickly became one of the most well-liked contestants.

She recently took part in Zee Tamil’s chat show Tamila Tamila. She discusses how her transformation video appeared online and her mature response to it.

Fans have claimed that Reshma Pasupuleti resembles a P**n star; here is her response! Here is Reshma Pasupuleti’s response to the criticism that she resembles a porn actress.

My sister called me while I was abroad and informed me that a personal video of me had been posted online. I didn’t have a date when she told me, so I questioned how a video could have been made. I requested that my sister provide me the URL to the video. Afterwards, I understood it was a distorted video. The people who wanted to talk about video were my parents. However, they requested my sister do it.

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My dad is a producer, and my brother is an actress,” she continued. My family has experience in the media, so they are aware that incidents like these can occur. But consider ladies who don’t come from the media. You are greatly exposed. Humiliation. Some women will even make an attempt at suicide. But because they are aware that these things are being targeted by the media, my family handles it well.
Reshma appeared in the aforementioned Tamil Nadu-based soap opera when she was working. Speaking of Bigg Boss, the sixth season of the program is now airing, and Manikanda Rajesh is anticipated to be the following contestant eliminated on Sunday.

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