Watch full video: Rajasthan minister Saleh Mohammad’s objectionable video with woman Viral

Watch full video: Rajasthan minister Saleh Mohammad’s objectionable video with woman Viral

In Rajasthan, a pornographic film went popular on social media and caused a stir. The woman in the video, according to the BJP, is from Jodhpur and is the Minority Affairs Minister for Rajasthan, Saleh Mohammad. On Twitter, the BJP posted the video and called on the Congress to fire Saleh.

Two days prior, a woman from Jodhpur had reported the video leak to the police. When the authorities looked into the woman’s complaint, they found the five youngsters who had shared the video.

What caused the footage to be leaked?
Devendra Singh, a police officer at the Shergarh police station in Jodhpur, said that the victim had filed a FIR on December 5. The victim claims that she made the pornographic film by accident. While playing a phone game, his 7-year-old girl unintentionally forwarded it to someone else. He was unaware at the time.

The woman claims that the accused threatened to spread the video like wildfire when she visited her relatives two months ago. further sought 25 lakh rupees and applied pressure to form a relationship. This hurt him so much that he even decided to end his life. The police in Pokaran detained the blackmailers Pankaj Vishnoi, Vikas, Ramjas, Sumit, and Ravindra Vishnoi in response to the woman’s allegation.

Second minister of Gehlot is a victim of a sextortion group.
An attempt was made to link Minister Ramlal Jat to a sex scandal earlier in January of this year. The Jodhpur police made this information public. A plan was being developed to use Ramlal Jat, the revenue minister for Rajasthan, as a human trap.

The model departed Bhilwara and committed himself by jumping from a hotel on Jodhpur’s seventh story before the young men and women could carry out their plan. This meant that the conspiracy was a failure. The Bhilwara police detained the conspirators, model Deepika (30) and Akshat (32). The minister had consented to the plot himself.

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