Watch full video: Queensland shooters posted disturbing video hours after ambush

Watch full video: Queensland shooters posted disturbing video hours after ambush

On the night of the altercation at their rural Queensland property, two of the shooters who ambushed and killed two police officers and a neighbor uploaded a video to YouTube.
There are facts in this article that some readers may find upsetting.

The “Don’t be frightened” video was originally posted to a now-defunct YouTube account, but it has since been re-posted there.
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In the video, Stacey and Gareth Train can be seen. (Supplied)
The video appears to capture Gareth and Stacey Train on the night of the shooting on Monday, shrouded in darkness.
Their extreme viewpoints are made clear in the video.

According to Crikey, the video was released at 7:39 p.m. on Monday, several hours after the four officers were attacked at the Wieambilla farm.
Ian Leavers, president of the Queensland Police Union, denounced the distressing footage and its online distribution, saying the gunmen wanted their “evil perpetuated.”

He said, “This nasty murder confession from insane anti-vaxxer, pro-gun, sovereign citizen conspiracy theorists should be removed from media sites immediately since that is exactly what these cold-blooded executioners wanted.”
“They should be deplatformed immediately and their hatred should not be amplified,” the statement reads. “They desired attention, publicity, and renown for their terrible, deranged, and insane views.

It was decided not to air the video by
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In the released video, Stacey and Gareth Train may be seen.

A photo that has been contrasted shows Stacey and Gareth Train speaking around 7:39 p.m., some hours after the Wieambilla shooting. (Supplied)

In a gunfight with police, Nathaniel Train (left), Gareth Train (center), and Gareth’s partner Stacey Train all perished. (An Ongoing Matter)
Gareth Train’s connections to online conspiracy forums have also come to light in the days since the shooting, along with posts that claim the Port Arthur massacre was a “false flag” operation.
Gareth, Stacey, and Nathaniel Train shot and killed Constable Matthew Arnold, 26, Constable Rachel McCrow, 29, and neighbor Alan Dare during the attack in Wieambilla.

The internet video does not feature Nathaniel Train.
Constables Randall Kirk and Keely Brough, both 28 years old, made it out alive in a “miracle,” according to Commissioner Katarina Carroll.
Police are currently looking into whether the information they were given was used to attract the cops to the residence on purpose.
It is believed that the Trains were already dressed in camouflage when the firing started.

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