Watch full video: Postal worker caught on cam not handling package with care

Watch full video: Postal worker caught on cam not handling package with care

A U.S. postal delivery person in Brown Deer was shown on surveillance camera not handling a box with care. In fact, on the way to its destination, the item actually knocked over an exit sign.

This event occurred on New Year’s Eve, FOX6 News has learned. The property manager of Neufeld’s River Apartments in Brown Deer claimed that she had to perform a double take when she played back the surveillance footage. The reason for this is that the package suddenly rises and falls to the ground.

“I’ve seen it a few times. “I was having a hard time believing what I was witnessing,” said property manager Kathi Blatz.

In her seven years as a property manager, Kathi Blatz Blatz claimed to FOX6 News that the man in the video is not the usual delivery driver and that she had never seen a delivery driver of any kind act in this manner. Because something delicate or personal might have been inside the gift, she hopes that publicizing the footage will deter other delivery drivers from acting in the same way.

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I’m a really optimistic person, so if this can serve as a lesson in what not to do, I’m good for it, Blatz said. “I’m extremely astonished at what I observed,” Blatz added.

The video was delivered to the USPS by FOX6 News. Authorities made the following announcement:

“We’re looking at it right now to learn more about this situation. This behavior is obviously wrong and does not represent the efforts of the thousands of skilled, committed workers who make up our staff.

“We welcome customer contact with their neighborhood post office and will try to address any specific issues brought to our attention. Customers can also use this direct online address:, or they can visit our website and click on “Contact us” at the bottom of the home page. Each email will be meticulously recorded, and the proper steps will be made to improve the service.

Additionally, the USPS’s official Twitter account, which is run by the Social Media team at USPS HQ, can be of assistance. To contact customer care, tweet @USPSHelp. The Postal Service will rigorously keep looking into client complaints and fixing errors to enhance service to our communities.

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