Watch full video: orlando sanchez bjj death – orlando sanchez obituary

Watch full video: orlando sanchez bjj death – orlando sanchez obituary

The death of Orlando Sanchez, often known as The Big O, the BJJ Legend, or the Cuban Tree Stump, was officially announced on December 16. It’s been reported that the jiu-jitsu competitor passed away suddenly.

Orlando has long been showing his talent, which has given him a large following and even led to some social media support.

When his friends verified his demise, his fans were in disbelief.
Orlando was a black belt in jiu-jitsu who was born in America. He received instruction from José “Zé Radiola” Olmpio, and through competing, he was able to make a name for himself.

His accomplishments didn’t end there, as he later went on to claim the ADCC World championship in 2015. He rose to prominence in the ultra-heavyweight division as a result of his victory.

The site claims that jiu-jitsu helped Orlando kick his drug habit. Thanks to his perseverance, he was able to become a black belt in four years.

He has been fairly active since then on social media, sharing his story with his fans.

Death of Orlando Sanchez bjj
The acquaintances and coworkers he had worked with throughout the years confirmed that Orlando had passed away. They shared Instagram images as soon as they thought about him.

According to Flograppling, the fighter abruptly passed away. His death’s circumstances weren’t made public.
Everyone was shocked to learn of Orlando’s passing, and they immediately took to Twitter to express their sorrow. Many others reflected on some of their positive memories of the fighter.

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