Watch full video: No Jumper Fight Video went viral on Twitter, Reddit

Watch full video: No Jumper Fight Video went viral on Twitter, Reddit

On November 24, the No Jumper Fight Video from Adam 22’s podcast, in which the guests got into a heated argument, went viral.

Friends, welcome back. Today, we’ll show you the final Adam 22 program video that went viral on social media. Watch this clip as one of the show’s attendees strikes the other one in the face!
Discover what transpired throughout the podcast and how it concluded, as well as the identities of Kelby and the Almighty Suspect.

It was anticipated that the episode, whose link we’ll provide below, would conclude in an unfavorable manner as the conversation between the two guest characters became more heated as the episode went on.

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The two young men got into a heated verbal altercation as the dispute heated up, exchanging derogatory words until Kelpy made an improper personal remark about Almighty, which caused the other to lose his calm and eventually punch Kelpy in the face.

When the crew members intervened, the program was interrupted.
The video then quickly gained popularity on social media. You may watch the complete episode on YouTube, which is linked to below.

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