Watch full video: Missing: What happened to Victoria Muthoni Theuri? Found dead at her boyfriend’s house in Kahawa Wendani

Watch full video: Missing: What happened to Victoria Muthoni Theuri? Found dead at her boyfriend’s house in Kahawa Wendani

On December 31, 2022, a student from Kenyatta University who had been missing for five days was found dead at her boyfriend’s house in Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County. Let’s examine Victoria Muthoni Theuri’s case in more detail.

When Victoria Muthoni Theuri vanished,
On Christmas Day, Victoria Muthoni Theuri, a student studying public policy and administration, vanished. That day, she told her parents in Kahawa Sukari, Kiambu county, that she had traveled there to visit her sister. Her parents live there.

When she didn’t get home that evening, her parents called her sister to ask if she would be staying at her place or going back home.

She didn’t return home as she usually did, and her phone was out of reach.

According to Victoria’s parents, they called her sister to ask if she would be returning or if she would be at her house.

According to reports, her sister told the police that she hadn’t seen Victoria.

The parents then reported the incident at the Kahawa Sukari Police Station.

How did Victoria Muthoni Theuri fare?
Other officials claimed that Victoria had problems with her parents, but she had never before disappeared. Even worse, she apparently became pregnant with a man her parents didn’t know while she was still enrolled in school.

She continued to live at home in a wealthy area and go to school as she had promised, despite the fact that her pregnancy had significantly strained her relationship with her parents.

She regularly spent time at her boyfriend’s apartment in Alvo House before returning home after school, according to the police.

In addition, as her family was looking for her, others in the neighborhood began to smell something foul emanating from one of the locked flats.

a neighbor remarked:

“The man who lives there was not home, and we thought it strange that the house was emitting a foul odor.”

Police remove a body from a previous crime site.

Investigative Police
Police arrived to the house on December 29 and used welders to smash through the door. Victoria’s body was found in the living room, free of any obvious wounds. According to the authorities, she died at least three days ago.

Victoria’s lover left for his country residence but was quickly apprehended.

He was led to the DCI office in the Ruiru sub county so that he might be questioned there.

The boyfriend asserted that he left Victoria at his house on Christmas Day and went to his parents’ house.

Police are currently looking into how the college student passed away.

In response, security personnel investigated the circumstance, opened an investigation, and pleaded with the family and the public to remain composed throughout the procedure.

Additionally, the authorities have requested anyone with information that could help with the investigation to get in touch with the security personnel or report it to the neighborhood police station.

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