Watch full video: Leo varadkar kiss video | leo varadkar video kissing,leo varadkar tiktok…

Watch full video: Leo varadkar kiss video | leo varadkar video kissing,leo varadkar tiktok…

Right, so this evening, just before the start of the Monday news cycle, a video of a Sunday appears. As we type, read, share, and like it, it is trending on Twitter.

In a bar, most likely a completely gay nightclub or pub, Leo Varadkar is seen necking a different man who is not his legal partner.

Leo Varadkar’s Bio on Wikipedia
Leo Varadkar is an Irish politician who was elected as Ireland’s first openly gay prime minister in June 2017. He was born on January 18, 1979, in Dublin. He served as president until June 2020.

Varadkar, Leo Family

While working together in England, Varadkar’s mother—an Irish-born nurse—met his father—an Indian-born physician. The family also temporarily lived in India before settling in Dublin, where Varadkar, the youngest of three children, was born.

Varadkar was raised in the west suburban Dublin neighborhood of Blanchardstown. Varadkar declared his desire to become the minister of health at the age of 7 or 8, when he was a precocious and, as it turned out, foresighted young man.

Education under Leo Varadkar
Prior to enrolling in Trinity College Dublin’s medical school, he attended the King’s Hospital, a private Protestant secondary school, and St. Francis Xavier National School, a publicly funded Roman Catholic elementary school.

He earned his medical degree from Trinity in 2003 and spent several years working as a junior physician at St. James’s and Connolly hospitals in Dublin before becoming licensed as a general practitioner like his father (2010).

Video of Leo Varadkar kiss
Leo Varadkar visibly searches for the go-ahead sign that the camera is rolling and awkwardly both men come in for the money shot, making it appear false. The acting is subpar compared to Father Ted (it’s only short of a mic boom drifting into shot).

It had to be a hoax because it doesn’t make sense that anything so morally dubious would force the Irish media complex, which is strongly pro-rainbow, to go into a moral frenzy.

View the Complete Video here.

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