Watch full video: jerry russo magic wand video – jerry russo magic wand twitter video

Watch full video: jerry russo magic wand video – jerry russo magic wand twitter video

social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are trending with the jerry russo magic video. Jerry Russo video is popular on the internet. We’re going to tell you about Jerry Russo in this article. and the reason he is popular on social media.

Jerry Russi is who?
Theresa’s spouse and the father of her children Alex, Max, and Justin, Jerry Russo was born on June 24, 1970. He won the family wizard competition and was born a wizard; however, he sacrificed his magical abilities to his brother, Kelbo Russo, in order to wed Theresa. Jerry teaches his kids how to perform magic by using the right techniques.

Family of Jerry Russo: Jerry Russo is a typical parent. He is severe, fiercely guarded, and frequently irritated by his kids.

His offspring have powers, despite the fact that he himself lacks any. It is well known that his backup plan involved becoming a bull rider.

Alex, Justin, and Max, along with Jerry’s mortal wife Theresa Russo, reside on Waverly Place, a street in central Manhattan.

Career: Jerry, who is proud of his magical heritage, spends Tuesdays and Thursdays teaching his kids in “Wizards Training Class” new spells and the right ways to utilize magic. However, he frequently has to discipline his kids for breaking his magic laws.

In the Alex in the Middle episode, it was revealed that Jerry truly won the contest to become the family wizard. jerry russo magic wand video

Due to the fact that wizards cannot marry non-wizards, he granted Kelbo his powers so he could marry Theresa after defeating both Kelbo and their sister Megan.

He says that Kelbo needed them more than Megan did, and that while they would be alright without magic, Kelbo was more in need of them. Megan is upset that he gave Kelbo his powers and not her.

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