Watch full video: Jeffrey spaide twitter video snow on winter

Watch full video: Jeffrey spaide twitter video snow on winter

Jeffery, a dashing Navy SEAL who was killed while clearing snow from his neighbors’ driveways on a cold morning, has passed away in Plains Township, Pennsylvania, according to authorities. The fatal occurrence in the tranquil community followed a contentious argument between neighbors about the snow-dumping incident.

In some places, the snowfall exceeded 30 inches. And the winter’s slick roads have contributed to a lot of traffic accidents. However, the shooting deaths of James Goy, 50, and his wife, Lisa Goy, 48, outside their home on a chilly February morning by 47-year-old Jeffrey Spaide were not an accident.

Spaide went back home when the couple passed away, where he later died. This is the shocking tale of Jeffrey Spaide’s untimely death and how the issues that led up to it were brought on by his relationship with his neighbors.

Jeffrey Spaide was born on June 16, 1973, and spent his formative years in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Spaide graduated from Villanova University and Wilkes University with a master’s degree in water resources and environmental engineering and a BS in environmental engineering.

“It’s obvious that the neighbors are still at odds with one another.

Sam Sanguedolce, the first district attorney for Luzerne County, stated that several of these cases include disagreements over the collection of trash and snow.

When they clear the snow, they dump it on the street and onto other people’s property as they pass each other.

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