Watch full video : Harvey Weinstein reddit gangrene Videos and Photos!

Watch full video : Harvey Weinstein reddit gangrene Videos and Photos!

Harvey Weinstein, a former American film producer, declined to testify on Monday in the rape and sexual assault prosecution he is currently facing in Los Angeles, according to his attorney Mark Werksman.

The operation, which had been suspended since October 10, was resumed a week after Thanksgiving.

Weinstein was told in court by Judge Lisa B. Lynch that he had the option of testifying and taking the stand, as well as not to.

Variety claims that Weinstein made the decision not to testify and did not do so in 2020 in New York during the trial in which he was charged with and given a 23-year jail sentence for rape and sexual abuse.

Weinstein, who was already sentenced to 23 years in jail in 2020, may face an additional 60 years in prison if proven guilty on all counts. On the other hand, if he were found not guilty, he would be expected to continue completing his present prison term.

His legal team is attempting to appeal the primary judgment to the New York Court of Appeals, a body that has agreed to reexamine the matter and has the authority to reverse, modify, or affirm the judgment.

Weinstein was facing 11 accusations from five other women at the beginning of that second trial, which is scheduled to end in December. If found guilty, Weinstein would have received a 140-year jail sentence.

On November 15, however, the prosecution declared that it will not take into account the evidence of one of the victims after four counts, including two for rape, were dismissed, greatly reducing the potential penalty.

Director Jennifer Seibel Newsom, the wife of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who accused the producer of raping her in 2005, was one of the witnesses who gave testimony in that second trial.

The producing team stated that they want to be refreshed by Wednesday. The defense will start making its case on Monday.

After several ladies made claims that the director had harassed and sexually assaulted them, numerous rumors and comments about the incident spread. Everyone started to act pretend, and some of them mocked the victims.

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