Watch full video: Half Moon Bay Mass shooting: Who is Chunli Zhao? Dangerous suspect shot and killed 7 people is arrested, What happened?

Watch full video: Half Moon Bay Mass shooting: Who is Chunli Zhao? Dangerous suspect shot and killed 7 people is arrested, What happened?

A SECOND MASS SHOOTING: Seven individuals were shot and murdered in Half Moon Bay, a small hamlet south of San Francisco. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office has captured a suspect following two separate attacks on farms in a coastal hamlet in Northern California. Let’s look more closely at the Half Moon Bay incident and the dangerous suspect Chunli Zhao.

Explained: the Half Moon Bay mass shooting
Seven of the eight victims who were shot and killed on Monday afternoon in a number of incidents in and around Half Moon Bay, California, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

A shooting incident at Concord Farms left four persons dead and one critically injured. That person is currently being treated at Stanford Medical Center. The second incident, which took place at Mountain Mushroom Farm, resulted in the deaths of three additional people. The two businesses are located in the unincorporated area of the seaside city, which is only a short drive away.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office caught a suspect after discovering him in a car close to their Half Moon Bay substation. They also found a semiautomatic handgun inside the vehicle.

In a video from ABC7 News Bay Area, officers can be seen bringing a man to the ground before taking him into custody. The dude had on a white jacket and hat. There is currently no ongoing threat to the community, the department tweeted at 4:52 PT.

Who is Chunli Zhao, we suspect?

Identify Chunli Zhao
The suspect was later identified as Chunli Zhao, a 67-year-old local man who may have worked on one or both of the targeted farms. The deaths, according to Debbie Ruddock of the Half Moon Bay City Council, were Chinese farm laborers.

On the night of festivities preceding the Lunar New Year, less than 48 hours earlier, a shooter in Monterey Park, California, a city directly east of Los Angeles, opened fire on 20 people, killing 11. In that neighborhood, Asian Americans are the majority.

Although it wasn’t immediately evident how the two enterprises might be connected, the suspect was later revealed to be a dissatisfied employee who worked at one of the farms. The victims were all reportedly believed to be workers, according to the authorities.

As the police respond to the incident, the sheriff’s office announced that a media staging will be set up at a substation at 537 Kelly Ave. At around 4:40 p.m., a man in handcuffs was seen exiting the substation. He had a white baseball cap on.

According to the sheriff’s office, the shooting suspect drove himself to the substation located between the two businesses and surrendered to deputies there.

Following the most recent shootings, Gavin Newsom posted the following on social media: “At the hospital meeting with victims of a mass shooting when I was pulled away to be briefed of another shooting.”

Motive of the Suspect
Zhao Chunli, a 67-year-old inhabitant of Half Moon Bay, was recognized as him. According to the sheriff’s office, Chunli’s automobile contained the gun that was used in the shootings.

Later, the authorities admitted that they believed the semiautomatic rifle was the only weapon used in the slaughter, but they were unable to determine how it was acquired. A location for family reunions has been developed in the IDES Hall in Half Moon Bay, which is located at 735 Main St.

Sheriff Christina Corpus of San Mateo County said, “This kind of shooting is horrific,” during a press conference on Monday night. This tragedy is far too common a topic, but today San Mateo County was severely hit.

The fatal gunshot had no apparent cause. Ten people were killed and another 10 were injured in a shooting spree that took place just two days ago at Monterey Park during a Lunar New Year Festival.

Watch the suspect being apprehended.
This is when Chunli Zhao, 67, was apprehended by authorities following the alleged murder and injury of seven individuals at farms in Half Moon Bay. Zhao was apprehended after being discovered in his car in the parking area of the Half Moon Bay police substation of the Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff claimed that he was apprehended without incident and that a weapon was found in his car. It is thought that Zhao acted alone. Today, this scene was taken by my colleague Edgar, a photographer.

When he understood what was occurring, he knelt down to continue rolling from the ground. Following yesterday’s tragedy in Monterey Park, which left 11 dead… Dealing with the reality of our world is challenging. This is much too personal. (DION LIM)

How do state leaders respond to the mass shooting in Half Moon Bay?

Jean-Pierre Karine

The Homeland Security Advisor has briefed the President of the United States on the mass shooting in San Mateo County, California. He has requested that any support that is required be given to the local authorities by federal law enforcement. The President will be kept informed as new information becomes available.

Theodora Siebel Newsom

I’m in such heartbreak. Even as we mourn the loss of lives, we must move on to the next tragedy. This is a terrible fact. As a nation, we must change. I’m sending Half Moon Bay so much love.

Bryan Newsom

I am being taken away to receive information about another massacre when I am at a hospital meeting with victims of a mass shooting. Half Moon Bay, this time. Drama on top of drama.

Canepa, David

Heartbroken by the gun violence in Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park. How many more must pass away? The SMC Board of Supervisors took action by committing $2 million over two years for the SMC Gun Violence Prevention Program, which will be used to take guns away from convicted felons, stalkers, and other prohibited people.

Delegate Anna G. Eshoo

I’m still keeping an eye on the tragedy in Half Moon Bay as it develops. My appreciation goes out to the San Mateo Sheriff’s Office @SMCSheriff, who arrested the suspect and are investigating the two crime scenes.

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