Watch full Video: Gold Coast Helicopter Crash, What happened? Pilot Ash Jenkinson & other 3 died

Watch full Video: Gold Coast Helicopter Crash, What happened? Pilot Ash Jenkinson & other 3 died

Ashley Jenkinson, a well-known figure in the aviation industry, has been identified as the pilot who passed away on Monday on the Gold Coast following a collision involving two Sea World tour helicopters. Let’s look more closely at the Gold Coast Helicopter Crash.

Helicopter crash on Gold Coast
According to authorities, two helicopters collided in midair today on Australia’s Gold Coast, killing four people. Images from the site showed one of the helicopters’ rotors lying on a sand bank.

Near Sea World, one of the helicopters was able to touch down on a sandbar. Graph: 9 News

Three more people, according to the police, are in critical condition.

One helicopter was on its side in the sand a short distance from the coast. Images from ABC, a public broadcaster, revealed the presence of its rotors.

The other helicopter at the crash site, which is adjacent to the well-known Sea World marine amusement park, appeared to be mostly uninjured.

Images of the aftermath showed a bright yellow rescue plane had landed close by with its blades whirling and many rescuers dispersed. Nearby, just off the sandbank where the wreckage of the two aircraft was spread, several police and rescue boats were waiting.

What took place?
Along with Mr. Jenkinson, the chief pilot for Sea World Helicopters, three of his passengers, including a woman and two young boys, perished in the crash.

Three further patients were sent to Gold Coast University Hospital in critical condition.

Jenkinson, Ash (pictured). Image:Facebook.

The second helicopter’s passengers, who made a successful, secure landing on a sand bar, suffered just minor injuries.

The 40-year-old Mr. Jenkinson is hailed as a “genuine legend” by those who knew him for his “heroic” actions in sending packages to cut-off families during the 2017 floods.

Mr. Jenkinson leaves behind a little boy, whose first birthday was celebrated in September.

The pilot’s employer expressed its sorrow to each and every accident victim in a statement.

A spokesman stated,

For everyone affected by the Sea World helicopter tragedy on the Gold Coast, Sea World Helicopters has expressed shock and its sincere sympathies.

“We are horrified by what happened, as is the entire flying community, and we send our heartfelt sympathies to everyone affected, especially the surviving loved ones and families.

“We are working together with all the authorities, including the Queensland Police and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. We are unable to share any additional information at this time because it is under a police investigation.

Statement from Queensland Police
At least 13 people needed medical assistance after the collision, which occurred just before 2:00 p.m. local time.

At a Monday afternoon press conference, Queensland Police South Eastern Regional Duty Officer Gary Worrell confirmed the four fatalities.

He said that three further individuals were still in critical condition.

He stated:

Police and emergency services were summoned to a two-helicopter midair accident directly across from Sea World in the Broadwater at around 2:00 today.

“Those two planes have crashed and come to rest on a sand bank not far from Sea World.

“The event was attended by police, emergency personnel, and members of the public. Four people have died today as a result of a significant incident that those people encountered, and three others are in critical condition in the hospital.

The inquiry is still ongoing, and the Australian Transport Safety Bureau is in charge of organizing a report for the coroner.

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