Watch full video: Giulia Rosa vazou vídeo no twitter e facebook, o que aconteceu

Watch full video: Giulia Rosa vazou vídeo no twitter e facebook, o que aconteceu

There are four stages (from today to January 15) and more over 8,500 kilometers to the front. Nothing in Saudi Arabia’s Arabian Desert. The following photos are from the Dakar 2023, which has a strong Italian focus and features 69 tricolore teams registered in the motorcycle, automobile, and foot categories.

Without a doubt, the all-rosy couple made up of Rebecca Busi and Giulia Maroni stood out among them. These two goblins will carry the banner of the team HRT Technology, which is obviously Italian, and tell a tale that somehow surpasses the competition promise. Rebecca, a Bolonese native who is 26 years old, already attached her name to the Rali Dakar in 2022, one year after becoming the most youthful female competitor in rali history.

In contrast, Rebecca will be using the arco-ris cape, a symbol used in battles all over the world, in the race that starts tomorrow (a pre-reveillon 11-kilometer race at Sea Camp). liberdade. In Arabia, there are still numerous restrictions that limit and mark freedom. Therefore, I wanted to emulate Lewis Hamilton’s use of the arco-ris cape at the F1 race in Arabia.

“Engenharia since childhood,” Rebecca writes on her official website. “A child of the arts, born between the auto industry, the beach, and the Dakar legend. I drove my kart to the historical rali believing I would never defeat the driver of the intended course.
“However, my grit and resolve are my guides,” he continued, “and in 2021 I chose to take on the challenge by myself rather than starting small and climbing the ranks in the hope of reaching the top, and in 2022 everything was put into practice. The Rally Dakar is the first off-road rally ever.

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