Watch full video: Dj Tira and qwabe twins video trending video story the latest news today | Dj Tira | qwabe twins

Watch full video: Dj Tira and qwabe twins video trending video story the latest news today | Dj Tira | qwabe twins

The world has been horrified by the news of the Qwabe Twins’ detention. The South African Afro-pop band Qwabe Twins was created in KwaZulu-Natal by identical twins Virginia and Viggy Qwabe.

The CV of DJ Tira:
Mthokozi Khathi, better known by his stage name DJ Tira, was born on August 24, 1976, and is a well-known DJ, producer, and Kwaito recording artist in South Africa.

He established the music publishing company Afrotainment. He is best known for tracks like “Thank You Mr. DJ,” which debuted and has since garnered a lot of great reviews. Under his “Afrotainment” record label, DJ Tira is renowned for having assisted in the discovery of numerous talents.

His record company has led to the discovery of artists like Big Nuz, DJ C’ndo, Dladla Mshunqisi, and Q-twins, among others.

Family and roots: DJ Tira is a South African native who was born in Hlabisa, KwaZulu-Natal. After some time, in 1979, he relocated from the hamlet to Durban, where he began working on his DJ career out of passion.

DJ Tira began practicing his craft as a DJ as a student at the University of Natal in South Africa. He performed at talent events and gigs at schools.

Gross Value
The estimated net worth of DJ Tira is $650,000. His earnings from concerts and festivals, song streams, and video views are used to determine this.

Are the Qwabe Twins Arrested? They’re in jail.
Since there hasn’t been any official word concerning their arrest, the Qwabe Twins are not in custody.

It is safe to conclude that the rumor that the Qwabe Twins are in jail is untrue since there is no official announcement of their detention.

It was falsely claimed that the Qwabe Twins’ arrest was the result of their spending the night with DJ Tira.

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According to Viggy, they routinely express their wants in paper and reject physical contact from men.
“Since we are aware of our desires and where they will lead, we continuously suppress them.

Men won’t ever handle our bodies.

Despite the fact that many men allegedly counted them, she said that they were rejected since they showed up for virginity tests as virgins.

Due to allegations that they had slept together, TJ Tira and the Qwabe Twins may have also been detained.

When asked about the allegations that he had an affair with the twins in the ZAlebs, DJ Tira allegedly responded by claiming he consistently ignores what others say.

The Qwabe Twins admitted on social media that they went to this year’s Reed Dance, clearing DJ Tira’s name.

Qwabe Twins & DJ Tira’s trending video
Currently, DJ Tira and the Qwabe twins are well-known throughout South Africa and the internet. She became one of the most well-known social media influencers in the world as a result of her one video, which was trending on social media and other platforms.

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