Watch full video: Did LAPD cops kill Keenan Anderson? Patrisse Cullors’s cousin Cause of death Explained

Watch full video: Did LAPD cops kill Keenan Anderson? Patrisse Cullors’s cousin Cause of death Explained

The Los Angeles Police Department was accused of killing her cousin during a traffic stop by Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter. Let’s examine it in more detail.

Keenan Anderson was he killed by LAPD officers?
According to body-camera video and the family’s story, a cousin of Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors was slain by Los Angeles police after being involved in a car accident and cops who responded repeatedly Tased and detained him in the middle of the street.

In video from the 3 January altercation that was made public on Wednesday, Keenan Anderson, a 31-year-old father and high school teacher, was shown pleading for help as three officers held him down.

Anderson said at one point,

The attempt is to George Floyd me

within the film. One of the officers had his elbow on Anderson’s neck when he lay on the ground. Anderson was then Tased again by a second officer, the first time for five seconds and the second for perhaps 30.

Following viewing the LAPD’s video, Cullors stated to the Guardian,

“My relative requested assistance, but he was refused. He was murdered,”

“Nobody deserves to pass away in agony, running for their life in dread. My cousin was in extreme fear. He has spent the previous ten years participating in a movement that opposes the murder of Black people. He was making an effort to defend himself since he realized what was at risk. Nobody wanted to stand up for him.

The cops yelled, “Get down to the ground, now,” and “Turn over on your stomach” as they pursued Anderson on his motorcycle while he eventually started running.

Anderson continually cried, “Please help me,” and “They’re trying to kill me,” as three officers arrived and started to hold him down. One of them placed his elbow and weight on Anderson’s neck as he was on the ground resting on his back. The officer yelled over him, “Turn over or I’m going to Tase you.” Throughout the Tasing, Anderson kept pleading for assistance despite being told to cease by the officer.

After paramedics arrived on the scene, they transported him to a hospital, where, according to LAPD, he suffered a heart attack four and a half hours later and died.

Anderson, Keenan Death due to
Patrisse Cullors’ cousin, who was also a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, died after being Tased by Los Angeles police during a traffic check. In an Instagram homage to her cousin, she claimed that her cousin was one of three people killed by the LAPD this year and that his death was the result of police violence.

Keenan Anderson, 31, caused a car collision on January 3 in the middle of Venice Boulevard. According to the officials, he was “behaving erratically” and sought to elude the officers’ hands as they tried to conduct a DUI investigation.

The police wrestled with Anderson until they were forced to subdue him physically as well as with their Tasers. His ankles were connected, and he was handcuffed.

The argument caused him to have a heart attack, and he eventually died in the hospital.

Concerning Keenan Anderson
Cullors claims that Anderson, who leaves behind a young child, was working as an English teacher at the Digital Pioneers Academy in Washington, DC, a city with a large Black population, while on a trip to Los Angeles. He has previously worked at a number of other institutions, including a charter school in Los Angeles’ Watts neighborhood.

According to Cullors, she, Anderson, and their large family left Louisiana.

“to escape racism, to escape the terror of white supremacists, and to escape the systems that harm our communities.”

After George Zimmerman was found not guilty of killing Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012, three women are credited with starting the Black Lives Matter movement. Cullors, a lifetime activist who has spoken out against her brother’s abuse in the LA jail, is one of them.

He showed such devotion to his students. He was a teacher who believed in education, and he was always there for them. She remembered how Anderson was motivated to “be a better human being, to make a difference, and to touch people’s lives” from an early age.

Dr. Melina Abdullah, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, who went with Cullors to watch the body-camera footage, said on Wednesday:

It serves as a reminder that we also mean our own Black lives when we declare that “Black lives matter. We are defending our lives and the life of our people, not some cause.

“We know LAPD was the cause of Keenan’s death.”

We are aware that a small traffic accident shouldn’t result in anyone’s death, much less the death of a Black man who was obviously unarmed and not acting improperly.

Advocates and Cullors query his demise
Activists like Cullors and others have questioned whether sending armed police to an accident is necessary. It happened in an automobile collision.

According to Cullors, police should have called the ambulance rather than treating him like a potential criminal. “My cousin’s death could have been avoided if there had been a protocol requiring unarmed professionals to respond to traffic stops in order to assist with whatever crisis has arisen. And that would have avoided a great deal of other fatalities.

“These kinds of killings and this kind of force won’t stop unless we have brave political officials who stand up and take on not just the cops but also the policy,”

LAPD declaration
Anderson was allegedly being “erratic” and having a “medical emergency,” according to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, who also claimed that a preliminary blood test revealed that Anderson had cocaine and cannabis in his system.

Activists have criticized the government for revealing that information and insinuating that drug use was a factor in his demise even though no official cause of death has been determined.

Moore, who asserted Anderson was in a “altered mental state,” said it is unknown what part Anderson’s sad death from the physical altercation with the officers and the use of the Taser. Although Moore claimed that the Taser was “triggered” ten times against Anderson, not every deployment was “successful.” As the investigation goes on, he continued, “I will pay special attention to the usage of the Taser.”

In line with LAPD policy,

Although there is no clear restriction on how many times a Taser can be activated in a given circumstance, officers should generally avoid multiple or simultaneous activations to prevent potential harm.

Mayor Karen Bass referred to the Anderson video and the two tragic shootings this month in a statement as “very troubling,” adding,

I have zero tolerance for using excessive force, and we must limit use of force overall. When someone is having a mental health crisis, police enforcement should not be the primary responder if there is no immediate danger to others.

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