Watch full video: Aella Leaked onlyfans on Reddit and Twitter, Adult Star Turned Data Scientist

Watch full video: Aella Leaked onlyfans on Reddit and Twitter, Adult Star Turned Data Scientist

By posting about her astonishing trust in hygiene, a well-known sexual entertainment who is now a data scientist has ignited discussion on social media. The eponymous Aella revealed to her 130,000 Twitter fans that she only had 37 showers in the past year. She was formerly Only’s highest-grossing star and earned a whopping $100,000 per month.

My 2022 statistics! On Sunday, Aella tweeted. And how many times this year have I ? In the last year, Aella claims to have had 63 sexual experiences, which is about twice as numerous as those in the shower. Indeed, she did more than just take showers last year. The sex expert’s list of undesirable behaviors includes her usage of various medications, travel, exercise, and how frequently she gets sick.

37 Regular showerers point out that, according to a Harvard survey conducted in 2021, the typical American adult takes a shower 145 times annually, and that statistic is ringing in their ears. Aella responded to Twitter’s clean critics by saying, “Yeah, I try not to disturb my natural skin bacteria too much.” “I appear to smell worse if I don’t take regular showers! I frequently wipe my genitalia and underarms in the bidet.

The influencer also mentioned that she changes her linens twice a month and always washes her face and brushes her teeth. But some people didn’t take well to her dermatological apology.

“For me, 37 showers is excessive. I take two daily showers, perhaps three, especially during the summer, or perhaps only one because I’m probably constantly on the go. They are awful. a tweet from a fan of soap operas

Male follower lamented, “Why is it cool for Aella to take a shower once a week, but when I do, they’re not simply social norm guys,” while another pointed out the obvious double standard.




However, one reader claimed that the hot baths taken by sex workers highlight a significant problem.

Their [black and white] mentality causes them to assume that anything that isn’t quickly cleaned is filthy, therefore they question how much water individuals concerned with showers are using, they tweeted. “And never questioned that their bodies were intrinsically bad and required washing.”

Many unwashed celebrities have recently made social media news by confessing that they and their kids don’t take baths very often. In 2021, 42-year-old actor Jake Gyllenhaal stated: “More and more, I’m discovering that there’s less and less need to shower.” While star parents like Kristen Bell, 42, and Dax Shepard, 48, insist they’ll only do it when their kids Only give them soap when you see dirt, she manages to miss a lot of leg days in the shower as part of the show.

These bold assertions are supported by science even though they are debatable. According to Dr. Manhattan-Derm, dermatologists “don’t encourage long baths or everyday showers.” According to Julie Russak, lathering in hot water “actually destroys and alters the skin’s microbiome,” which is “very crucial to the overall health of the body” and plays a part in skin protection.

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