Watch full video: A Man charged with murder of NHS nurse and her two children

Watch full video: A Man charged with murder of NHS nurse and her two children

Anju Asok was brutally murdered along with her two young children. Let’s look more closely at Saju Chelavalel, the suspect in the killings of an NHS nurse and her two children.

Saju Chelavalel: who is he?
The nurse and her children were killed, and Saju Chelavalel was a suspect in the crime. Anju Asok, 35, and her two children Janvi, 4, and Jeeva, 6, were found dead in their Kettering home on Thursday morning.

Saju Chelavalel, 52, was detained by investigators on three counts of murder, according to Northampton police. Police were called to Petherton Court in Kettering at 11:15 a.m. on Thursday, where the mother and her two children, ages four and six, had been found dead.

At Petherton Court, Asok’s coworkers from Kettering General Hospital paid tribute to her with flowers. After their deaths were found, a forensic investigator works the scene at Petherton Court in Kettering on Friday.

Saju Chelavalel: who is he? Man accused of killing a nurse for the NHS and her two children

Detective Inspector Simon Barnes, the senior investigating officer, stated: “Our thoughts are with the family of Anju, Jeeva, and Janvi, for whom we are steadfastly seeking justice.”

“Incidents of this kind are extremely upsetting, and I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who responded to the 999 call on Thursday or was engaged in the ensuing inquiry for the professionalism and respect they have shown.”

“I also want to express my gratitude to the neighborhood since we understand how distressing a situation like this is. I kindly ask anyone with any concerns to please speak to the members of our Neighborhood Policing Team who will continue to patrol the area.

How did the NHS nurse fare?
Saju Chelavalel murdered a 35-year-old NHS nurse together with her two kids, who were ages six and four, in their apartment. On Thursday, Saju Chelavalel’s residence in Kettering’s Petherton Court was visited by police following reports of three people being injured.

When the rescue workers arrived, they found Anju Asok, 35, and her two children Janvi, 6, and Jeeva Saju, 6, all with significant injuries. They were pronounced dead a short while later, and post-mortem examinations by Leicester Royal Infirmary revealed that all three of their fatalities were brought on by “asphyxiation.”

The 52-year-old Chelavalel was charged with three counts of murder late on Sunday night by Northamptonshire Police investigators. On Monday, Chelavalel will appear in court in Northampton.

Asok, a nurse who was “liked and respected,” has received tributes. Anju Asok’s neighbor received flowers on Friday from a coworker of the alleged murder victim.

According to prior police reports, Anju was a staff nurse at Kettering General Hospital.

A nurse named Anju Asok and her two young children were brutally murdered, which is such tragic news from Kettering. For the small town, there are now five unpublished domestic homicide reviews, some of which date back several years. The sixth will be Anju’s passing.

‘Yesterday we got the incredibly devastating news that one of our employees had passed away in circumstances that Northamptonshire Police are investigating,’ the hospital’s chief executive Deborah Needham said in a statement.

She was a dedicated and kind staff nurse who earned the admiration and respect of her close friends and coworkers.

“All our sympathies are with her friends and family as they adjust to this unexpected loss,” the statement reads. Her coworkers are receiving the proper professional support from the hospital.

A foreign-trained nurse named Anju Asok joined the KGH workforce in 2021, and she primarily worked on Barnwell B, one of our orthopedic wards. Locals were horrified to learn about the killings.

Anjus’ parents reported that Anjus’ husband was a “cruel” man and that he had previously beaten his wife. Anjus was a Kerala-based Indian nurse who was killed on Friday along with her two young children. On Saturday, one day after the UK was informed of the murders, her family made a claim.

The fact that they need to spend one last moment with their daughter and grandchildren while bringing the bodies back to India makes the situation worse. Asok’s parents told the media at their home in the Vaikom area of the state’s Kottayam district that local police had informed them the day before that their daughter had been strangled to death using a cloth or a rope based on the findings of the postmortem.

Saju, Asok’s mother-in-law, allegedly attacked her daughter and grandson while they were living in Saudi Arabia. According to Asok’s mother, Saju is a “cruel” man.

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