Miodrag Jesic Obituary – Death : serbian Football Manager ,Miodrag Jesic passed away

Miodrag Jesic Obituary – Death : serbian Football Manager ,Miodrag Jesic passed away

News and gossip about the passing of Serbian football manager Miodrag Jesic, including information about his life and cause of death.

Dead is Miodrag Jesic
Miodrag Jesic, a former player and coach for FC Partizan, was killed in a collision. Let’s examine the circumstances surrounding Miodrag Jesic’s passing, his cause of death, and the vehicle accident occurrence in more detail.

Miodrag Jesic: Who Was He?
Serbian soccer player and coach Miodrag Jovic. He was born in Oseenica, and from 1974 to 1985, he played with Partizan, making 342 appearances and tallying 81 goals in all competitions.

What Had Been Done With Miodrag Jesic?
Former football player and later football coach Miodrag Jesic perished in a horrific auto accident. The former Partizan was killed in a car accident.
The former Partizan head coach was killed in a car accident on the road connecting Ruma and Jarak in the southern Srem area.

Dead is Miodrag Jesic
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Cause Of Death For Miodrag Jesic
Miodrag Jesic reportedly killed on the scene as his car “flew” under a truck. There are no more information concerning the collision that killed Miodrag Jesic at this time. However, medical staff made an effort to get in touch with friends and relatives to ask them about the occurrence.

No reaction has been given as of yet. When we have all the details, we will update this page. There should be more information about Miodrag Jesic’s causes of death.

Vehicle Accident
In the village of Jarak, the catastrophe took place in a remote area. On the main road, long queues of automobiles started to form, diverting traffic. We learned that the truck’s driver, who suffered just minor injuries, told authorities that he “couldn’t avoid a Citroen that flew beneath.”

“The stunned driver reported to police that he saw the vehicle traveling late and in a zigzag manner.” The use of alcohol by the driver was looked into. A source with knowledge of the probe said that it is still ongoing. At a turn-off on the route to Sabac, three kilometers from the scene of the horrific accident when Miodrag Jovic was killed, police stopped all vehicular traffic.

According to what we’ve heard, the car was towed to Ruma. Cleaning has been done at the crash site area.

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Honoring Miodrag Jesic
Many people sent his family their sincere condolences and informed them how much they adored and respected him. His friends and followers have been disturbed by the news of this tragedy.

We send our prayers and thoughts to the family, his loved ones, and friends, and we wish him eternal peace. We ask for his peaceful rest.

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