Melissa Arleth’s father Obituary – Death : Melissa Arleth’s father passed away from battle against Alzheimer’s

Melissa Arleth’s father Obituary – Death : Melissa Arleth’s father passed away from battle against Alzheimer’s

The well-known rat trainer Melissa Arleth, who competed on Season 14 of America’s Got Talent, laments the passing of her father Mike. Let’s take a closer look at what transpired about him and the father of Melissa Arleth.

What happened to the father of Melissa Arleth?
According to the announcement, Mellisa Arleth shared the news of her father’s passing on her official Facebook page.

Yesterday morning, my father died after a protracted struggle with Alzheimer’s. He would have been overjoyed to see me receive a standing ovation on America’s Got Talent or to read about me in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not book if he had been able to comprehend what was happening.

He only once watched my show, and he thought it was fantastic. He also always showed love to all of his cat and rat “grandkids.” One of his finest moments is shown in this photo: the day he realized his efforts and sacrifices had paid off because he now had an adult daughter who could create a proper martini. (Don’t judge; we ran out of olives that day.)

Cause of death for the father of Melissa Arleth
After a protracted fight with Alzheimer’s, he passed away. One of the claims is as follows:

Please pray for Cathy Arleth, my beloved sister-in-law. She cared for our cherished, Alzheimer’s-affected brother-in-law Mike for years and years before he passed away this morning.

Her wonderful disposition has always been filled with SO much gratitude… I’m just filled with sorrow over the years that Mike and Cathy, our lovely niece Melissa, and the rest of the family who dearly loved Mike have suffered.

He was extremely intelligent, hardworking, interested in everything, and always seeking knowledge. He had a lovely artistic streak and adored animals including fish, birds, and plants. He was such a blessing to all of us since he was such a cheerful, artistic personality who adored Jesus.

A statement regarding her father’s funeral
Hello family and friends. Tomorrow in Massapequa, there will be a memorial service for my father, and I intend to speak a few words about his life. I want to do better than the last funeral I attended, which had a very basic “fill in the blanks” service that said little about the life of the person who died. Anyone who knew him is invited to contribute a brief reminiscence with me (you can do so in the comments section or by messaging me), and I’ll read a few of them. He was a really humorous man, so I’m sure you’ve done some fantastic impressions of him.

Who is Melissa Arleth?
Melissa Arleth began performing in community theater when she was 11 years old. She attended Long Island University on a literary scholarship, majoring in theater and minoring in dance. But it was a psychology class that fundamentally changed her career route.

She and the lab rats looked at each other across a crowded Skinner box. Initially, there appeared to be love. Melissa struggled to make ends meet while juggling tours and regional theater engagements with a job at a theme restaurant in Times Square because she was too odd for typical survival employment.

For her equipment to fit in the tour van, she frequently came up with excuses for her character in a traveling play to juggle or play the guitar onstage. When she had the chance to play with true variety performers and sideshow nerds at Sideshows by the Seashore in Coney Island, she realized she had found her people. She developed her stilt dancing skills and swiftly found work at Williamsburg’s Busch Gardens amusement park.

In 2009, she visited the San Francisco Circus Center, where she registered for the Clown Conservatory and learned slack rope walking after being lightly tortured by Chinese acrobats. She performed both with and without the rats in her debut burlesque show.

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