maria wasti leaked scandal on twitter and reddit, ayesha omer pictures

maria wasti leaked scandal on twitter and reddit, ayesha omer pictures

Maria Wasti, an actress, commented on the controversy caused by the release of her personal photos. Wasti and Ayesha Omer’s vacation photos went viral online, exposing her to an onslaught of troll attacks.
The actor spoke about the scandal caused by Maria Wasti’s private photos being published online on Nadir Ali’s program.
According to Wasti, pictures of Wasti and Ayesha Omer wearing bathing suits while traveling have been posted online. She said that there was nothing she could do to prevent the release of her own photos.

These are private images that were captured during a period when privacy settings were not well understood. Nevertheless, Ayesha’s close friend revealed our photos to the media. It’s unfortunate that this happened.
Varsity defended her decision to wear a bikini at the moment, saying she wouldn’t feel bad about wearing whatever she wanted. The actress also mentioned that she frequently receives negative comments about her social media posts, but that this doesn’t bother her.
“My life, my decisions… yes, I used to be deceived.” I used to go to look into the criticism and its proponents’ claims. I was careful to research which words should affect me and which shouldn’t. You have the option to go that route. I’m not happy about it since it takes my private photos or information about my private life that isn’t released to the media. So, even though it shouldn’t, it does.

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