Jennifer Krasna Death: Community mourns sudden loss of Pennsylvania mother – Obituary and Cause of Death

Jennifer Krasna Death: Community mourns sudden loss of Pennsylvania mother – Obituary and Cause of Death

A beloved teacher, friend, and wife unexpectedly went away on Monday, devastating communities all over the Delaware Valley just one week after giving birth to her second son.

particularly the Malvern family she serves at Charlestown Primary School. First-grade instructor Jennifer Krasner is from Newtown in Bucks County. First-grade teacher Cara Dore Donna Gronwaldt said, “Our group felt empty, a small hole.”

Everyone she knows loves and cherishes the 30-year-old, although it is still unclear exactly what happened. “It was just so lovely to watch her walk down the aisle, always smiling and taking the time to act as if she were the most significant person on planet at that particular time. Ask,” said fifth-grade teacher Jessica Shock.

“Ask our children and family members about the simple things you wouldn’t do, and trust that Someone notices and makes you feel special.

Chris Pickell, the principal of Charlestown Elementary School, concurs.

“Jenn is amazing. She has a special brightness when you are close to her. She helps you be your best. She is a person who is always joyful. The calls from my parents, who formerly resided here but are currently in Florida, expressing my sympathies, have been happening the past two days. the volume of email. wherever I go, my parents stop me and say,

“Jen was the best teacher for our children,” and “I’m so sad for your loss.”

he claims.

Her top friend created a GoFundMe page, and in only one day, her fundraising targets more than tripled.

There is a tangible amount of support for her husband Jesse and their two sons.

“This week in particular has been difficult; we haven’t made it through; it just takes a minute at a time. As time passes, I can only suppose that some of us will find it easier, while Jesse and his sons will It becomes difficult. Every first holiday, even the holidays, may be sad, according to Chris Vogt, a third-grade teacher.
I just want her family to know that she is a gift and that we are grateful they gave her to us. I had the pleasure of getting to know her, and her influence will be felt for years to come. Jamie Himmelberger, a literacy specialist, stated, “Here.

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