Jake Flint Obituary, Death News – Jake Flint Country Singer passed away

Jake Flint Obituary, Death News – Jake Flint Country Singer passed away

The Oklahoman quotes guitarist Mike Hosty as saying that Saturday began as any other day as soon-to-be-married Jake and his fiancee Brenda Cline got ready for their nuptials. In order to stay dry, they had rented a sizable tent, and they had set up a temporary stage for the one-man band to perform on:

He had booked a 40 by 60 circus tent despite the rain. They placed many carpets on top of the muck, after which they obtained two sheets of three-and-a-quarter-inch plywood, positioned them on the ground, and that served as my stage. Is it going to be alright for you? asks Jake. Jake, that’s fantastic, I exclaim. Where I excel is on a flatbed trailer or a piece of plywood.

Sadly, nobody anticipated that this would be their last night of revelry with the Red Dirt vocalist. Clif Doyal, Jake’s longtime publicist, revealed to the publication on Sunday that the musician had tragically departed unexpectedly in his sleep, only hours after marrying his wife. His cause of death is unknown, and he was only 37. Heartbreakingly sad.

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According to Hosty, he would like to remember the pair at their happiest:

But I genuinely feel for Brenda. “I really simply appreciate recalling that beautiful moment of witnessing them getting married.”

After his client’s passing, Doyal had nothing but positive things to say about him:

He wasn’t simply a customer; he was also a close friend and a really wonderful guy. He was adored by many, as evidenced by the outpouring on social media. I believe a large part of it was simply the fact that he loved people and had a fantastic sense of humor. Everyone enjoyed his company, and he made them laugh. He served as a representative for Oklahoma Red Dirt music.

Between 2016 and 2018, Jake put out three and four studio albums. Additionally, he has three singles on the Texas Regional Radio Report chart: Cowtown from 2017; Long Road Back Home from 2018; and What’s Your Name from 2020. His career as a rising musician was rapidly taking off, but regrettably

It seems sense that the grieving bride of a country music artist is struggling. On Monday, she uploaded a video to Facebook with the caption: “Me and Jake dancing after our wedding.”

“I don’t get it,”

On Tuesday, Brenda also updated her status, sharing the grief that only a select few will ever experience:

“We ought to be looking at wedding pictures, but I have to choose the attire I’ll bury my spouse in. It’s not supposed to hurt this bad for people. I need need him to return since my heart has been broken. I can only take so much. I require him here.

Just heartbreaking. What she is going through right now is incomprehensible.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Jake and Brenda’s loved ones.

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