Free Christmas games from Epic Games were Leaked on Twitter and Reddit in 2022.

Free Christmas games from Epic Games were Leaked on Twitter and Reddit in 2022.

You may redeem a free game from the Epic Games Store each day over the holiday season as soon as it becomes available.

The Epic Games Store is offering 15 days’ worth of free games, one new game per day, over the holiday season. We’re creating a list of free games that are currently accessible to help you choose what to buy for the holidays as you’ll soon be able to buy all the games you want by then.

All free games in your library from the Epic Games Store must be redeemed within 24 hours. New games will be released at 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM ET, 4:00 PM GMT, 5:00 PM CET, and 3:00 AM AEDT (next morning).

LEGO Builder’s Journey is the current no-cost game.
You should be present to claim your games daily until December 30 at the same time because the free game draw begins on December 15th. Here are the titles that are now free on the Epic Games Store.

They are battling in Braum’s Tower Defense 6 Horizon Chase Turbo Clothing Search 2 game.
Game of Warcraft: The New Order
The Journey of the LEGO Builder
The free games of the day are listed on the store page of the Epic Games Store, however keep in mind that they are updated every day.

During the holidays, it appears that the weekly free spins model has been replaced by daily iterations, which is obviously not an issue because more free spins are always a good thing. Keep in mind that you are not required to consider it every week.

Why not check out the Steam Holiday Deals while we’re in the holiday spirit? There will be thousands of new and used games on sale from December 22 to January 5, so check your wish list to see if anything is less expensive than usual. In addition, Valve claims that up to 200 more Steam decks will be distributed following The Game Awards, so if you were the lucky recipient, it would be worthwhile to check your inbox once more.

We’ve got you covered if you need any further guidance on returning from the holidays with food and a smile on your face. We’ve looked at the top free PC games, the top free MMOs, and the top free Steam games on the Valve platform.

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