Erica Gonzalez Obituary – Death : Erica Gonzalez ABC 10News producer passed away

Erica Gonzalez Obituary – Death : Erica Gonzalez ABC 10News producer passed away

Producer Erica Gonzalez of ABC 10News passed away. Let’s look at Erica Gonzalez’s cause of death and how she passed away in more detail.

Erica Gonzalez, a producer for 10News, has passed suddenly.

The ABC 10News team was informed of Erica Gonzalez’s passing early on Wednesday.

The news was also shared by Erica’s coworker, who wrote, “Our @10News family lost a vital part of our team. Our morning producer, Erica Gonzalez, passed tragically unexpectedly the previous night. She proudly raised her son Brandon while serving in the @USMC for eight years. We will miss her.“

Death of Erica Gonzalez’s cause
The cause of death for Erica Gonzalez has not yet been released. Regarding the cause of death for Erica Gonzalez, nothing is known.

Once we have the correct information from the appropriate source, we will inform you of Erica Gonzalez’s cause of death.

Erica Gonzalez, who was she?
Gonzalez was a creative and committed person who served her nation and its viewers.

The Friars, the flag, and her family were her three biggest passions in life.

She was a proud mother of her son Brandon, and she beamed when she talked about his achievements in high school. One of her favorite memories of him was when he graduated in April.

Both of them were ardent Padres supporters, and they routinely joined the rest of the Friar Faithful at Petco Park to watch games. Her favorite athlete was Mr. Padre Tony Gwynn. She loved Junior Seau as well.

Corps of Marines
As the nation was still reeling from the 9/11 tragedy, Erica was compelled to join the Marine Corps.

She served for eight years with pride.

As the saying goes:

A Marine is a Marine forever.

Erica covered a lot of the ABC 10News military stories that were shown in 2022. Before going to Grossmont College, Erica attended San Diego State for her studies.

Most early mornings you could find her typing away in the newsroom while sporting an Aztec hat.

Prior to working as a producer full-time at our station, Erica interned with Team 10. She produced for a while in her hometown of El Paso, Texas, but she was eager to get back to San Diego early this year since the news was in her blood.

Erica’s sarcastic sense of humor was appreciated by the news crew in the wee hours, and those who knew and cared about her will always remember it. She had lots of friends.

“Hello there,

As some of you may have heard, our beloved family member Erica unexpectedly received her angel wings. Our family is in pain and in shock. She is currently being transported from San Diego to El Paso, Texas, where she will live with us. Please consider making a donation, no matter how small. Any money left over will be handed to her loving son Brandon after we pay for her return home. Numerous family members and friends will undoubtedly miss Erica.

We wish to express our gratitude to you all in advance for supporting our family during this trying time. Please remember her, Brandon, and our family in your thoughts as we once again thank you for your generosity.

Losing a loved one is among the hardest experiences anybody can have in life. Any journey must have a final destination. Sadly, the person’s time on earth has now come to an end with their death.

We express our love, prayers, and wishes for eternal peace to her family, friends, and loved ones. Let her soul rest in peace.

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