Christopher Dowling Obituary – Death : Former Water polo player and swimmer passed away

Christopher Dowling Obituary – Death : Former Water polo player and swimmer passed away

Former Maltese swimmer Christopher Dowling was born in Sliema on June 15, 1944. He competed in the men’s 100-meter freestyle event at the 1960 Summer Olympics.

While Dowling played in a range of sports during his time in school, water polo and swimming stood out as his finest activities for Malta. When he was selected to represent Malta at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, he was just sixteen years old. In the men’s 100-meter freestyle, Dowling participated. After that, of the 52 swimmers, his time in the preliminary heats was the slowest.

Dowling also became well-known in the game of water polo. His main team was Balluta WPC, and he represented his country at the Mediterranean Games in 1963.

After setting a number of 100-meter swimming records, taking home five league titles, and five national cups, he retired from competitive swimming in 1973.

In 1974, Dowling earned her degree from St. Michael’s Teacher Training College. Later, he decided to become a teacher, and even though he is now retired, he still gives private lessons.

Christopher played water polo for Valletta United W.P.C. alongside his father Jimmy, uncles Buddy and Ralph Dowling, and other family members.

The Career of Christopher Dowling in 1960
At the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome, Christ Dowling, then 16 years old, represented Malta. During the opening ceremony, he carried the Maltese flag while competing in the 100-meter freestyle.

Additionally, he had participated in the Naples Mediterranean Games in 1963. He founded the Terrible Twins water polo squad for Balluta WPC, now known as San Giljan, along with Alfred Griscti. 1973 saw his retirement.

work career

He was employed as a teacher. He continues to provide private classes even though he is retired. Additionally, he is being urged to run for office in the upcoming general election as a member of the Malta Labour Party.


He likes to travel, play backgammon with his wife, befriend people from all walks of life, read, sleep, interact with tourists and Maltese, teach foreign languages – though without pay, stay in touch with old acquaintances, and swim.

Christopher was pleased to stand up for Malta.

In addition to “Budgy” Dowling, Ralph was another uncle on the Valletta team. His late brothers Paul, John, and James were all excellent swimmers, and among his most well-known relatives were Dennis, who played for Sliema, and “Budgy’s” three sons Dirk, Kim, and Kurt who played for the legendary Valletta team of the 1970s.

Christopher claimed that the late Guzi Tanti had persuaded him to join Balluta WPC. Carm Borg was yet another outstanding coach at Balluta. While I was playing on the old St. Julian’s pitch, Tanti pulled me up.

Between 1962 and 1966, I won four championships and four cups with Balluta. The late Robbie De Cesare of The Times of Malta once referred to Freddie Griscti and I as “The Terrible Twins” because we made a terrific team.

Christopher is also pleased with himself for being chosen twice to represent Malta. The first took place in 1960 at the Olympic Games in Rome, but it wasn’t very successful because the requirements were much higher. Three years later, I was also chosen to represent Malta in water polo in the Mediterranean Games in Naples,” he continued.

Chris Dowling is recognized.

Five league titles and five cups were won by him, four of each with Balluta, his all-time favorite team. Player of the Year was one he missed out on.
His interests include swimming, making friends from all walks of life, reading, traveling, playing backgammon with his wife, and interacting with visitors and Maltese. He does not, however, receive payment for teaching foreign languages.

Fiona, née Mories, is the wife of Christopher. He is from the well-known sporting Dowling family. He is the nephew of Ralph Dowling and legendary “Budgy” Dowling, both of whom played for Valletta United WPC in the past. Jimmy Dowling is his father. His brothers were the late Paul, John, and James; his cousins are the well-known athletes Dirk, Kim, and Kurt; and Dennis.

Dowling Death due to
The Olympic swimmer from Malta who passed away on December 21, 2022. Age 78 is when he passed away. A member of his family posted on social media about the death of the Maltese player. As of right now, no new information has been posted.

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